chloe the cow haiku

friendship forever

enjoys standing in cole slaw

“most important kind”.


too close to the edge

perhaps falling in water

jealous of puppy.

“do it again” diana krall

“please do it again

hold me close all through the night

you won’t regret it.

i may say no no

cry oh but no one can hear

just do it again”.

“dead in the water”

“like the old man said

you’re dead in the water man

simple act of faith”.

7 thoughts on “chloe the cow haiku

  1. Oh Errin! How HONORED are we? THANKYOU THANK YOU THANKYOU!!! As for Chloe, however, what a monster you have created. 🙂 Chloe MADE ME Google cow-crowns last night. Stomping around like she owns the damn place. Demanding I call her “your highness.” Yup, she’s outta control! Tee hee hee!

    I love how your mind, works, too! You start with “friendship forever” and meander around and then end with “Simple act of faith.” Your poem is like a delicious oreo, two pieces of chocolate with delicious creamy goodness in the middle, ending with a related topic. You are good!

  2. This one had me pondering and scratching my head! Glad to think a bit about it and smiled at the cow in the coleslaw part, too. The “dead in the water” part got me stumped. Sorry! I liked trying to figure it out, though!

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