HAIKU : poured some sand out on my desk one day and played

“poured some sand out on my desk one day and played” PART DEUX:~~~
We’re pouring concrete~~~

In a few minutes~~~

Like some exercise.~~~

Concrete made from sand~~~

Not knowing what they wanted~~~

Felt safe in saying no.~~~
“SANDALS” Haiku~~~
Sandals a resort~~~

Also footwear flip flopping ~~~

Through the sands of time.~~~

“Where for art thou conch” Haiku


Home of conch fritters conch stew~~~

Rubbery broiled conch.~~~
Also home to bone fishing~~~

President bush catches~~~

Them i did not.~~~

A consolation prize~~~

Having more sand than the Keyes..~~~

Two days driving from~~~

S.C. and there was only ~~~

two inches of sand.~~~

1 thought on “HAIKU : poured some sand out on my desk one day and played

  1. Reblogged this on errinspelling and commented:

    PART THREE: lovincelle’s photography: “poured some sand out on my desk and played”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    “kissable toes”
    sipping club soda~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    on sand helps you lose weight ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    and walking through the surf.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    sand making toes soft~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    and kissable also losing~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    the calories.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    louis jordan jazz haiku “caldonia” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    “she’s got great big feet~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    what makes your big head so hard~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    love her just the same”.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    “like a child” haiku:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    john pizzarelli “take a lot of pictures” jazz :~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    “you dig the landscape~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    i couldn’t live without you~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    of my vast domain”.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    “take lots of pictures
    you’re soon to be embarking~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    toward your last resort”.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    dog isn’t ready~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    pulling master toward ocean~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    he just can’t go home.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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