she’s a bomb with nails haiku

“slit from ear to ear”
a rapidly mortal wound
didn’t need a head shot.
bullet in temple
“it rendered him unconscious”
took time to drag him.
renting car so far away
consciousness of guilt.
denied at his house
she told tale of two strangers
june fifteenth ‘0 eight.
a sociopath
because her parents hit her
some people are nice
abused who coildn’t hurt fly
but many murder.
never hit a child
then they stab shoot murder bomb
you will be to blame.

28 thoughts on “she’s a bomb with nails haiku

    • i hope they give witch with a b – the electric chair.thursday closing arguments…they played a tape for the jury of her on the news saying no jury would ever convict her!
      want to bet … unless there is no justice and stupid casey anthony jury, is jury and who all belong in jail, for being stupid and some criminals themselves.

  1. Yes, this was a somber case, your poem was well written. Sometimes gruesome! The results of hitting a child may not be enough of a defense. It is sad, though, how hard parents/parent ‘figures’ are on children when it takes so little time to discipline in another way…

  2. Very impacting. I don’t believe there are any true causes to go out and murder (self defence is a different matter, of course), but I also don’t believe there are any good reasons to hit a child. As you say, it does leave a lasting psychological mark. And what parent can justify both loving and hitting their child? Not just a smack now and then, but repeated abuse.

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