The colors at sea

“The colors at Sea”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
sun shining on you~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
sail away to happiness~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
on a sea of blue.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
clouds of puff pastry~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
melted butter sunshine streaks~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
bright light hungers through.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jazz Haiku : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
“DRIFT AWAY”: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
” i wanna get lost~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
the people that freed your soul~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
in your rock n roll”.

17 thoughts on “The colors at sea

    • thank-you tacey. south carolinian comments are a lot different than new york comments.we say it’s a beautiful day outside today isn’t it. you don’t hear that in forest hills…lol.. and you don’ t hear “all i had all day was a bagel”..

      • oh yeah that’s it, i forgot south carolinians are polite!that’s not something you hear in new york every day.
        here most people don’t even know what a bagel is.. if i had a nickel for every time someone asked me what’s a bagel?…lol
        if i wasn’t jewish, i probably wouldn’t know you don’t pay for parking here either.

      • I don’t think new yorkers are rude, I think everyone is just too busy rushing around with pressures to pay high rents. lol!

      • i’m sorry i didn’t mean to sound like they are rude.. omg the high rent…2300.00 in potomac , md…i call that up north, but people laugh at me….
        just today i asked in myrtle beach how can they charge only 700.00/ month for rent when condo fees are 500.00 a month and the realtor said -oh they are losing money…

      • we had to go to harry barron’s in atlanta – 2 hrs and 15 minutes away to get grocery bags filled w/ them at peachtree mall or lenox, i get confused….then my father would stop at every aunt’s house and grandmother and take everyone bagels.

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