OCD , Humor & Morgan’s Dr.

one day morgan wrote how she went to the dr , apparently a good dr., who said she might have OCD. and i thought ,that’s the way it should be. i know a story of someone who went to the dr. and had to tell the dr. she went to universitate, no not in germany, in s.c. and one day in the very first class of psychology , there was a tiny paragraph about OCD defense mechanisms.after i said to myself ,i’ll be darn, i made an appointment with the psychologist , i had gone to when i was 6.(my mother had just died a week after high school).

i remember without people telling me, i would sit with my arms crossed and say : “i’m not going to talk to you”, while the dr. popped hall’s mentholyptus like candy and like she had OCD & offered them to me, also.
now, 12 years later i ask why didn’t you tell me i had OCD and she said ” i thought you knew”.

i was six. was i a genius? clearly not, becuase she gave me an intelligence test and said she didn’t realize how dumb i was a few minutes later.i made A’s in school. maybe she was trying to make me forget about my mother.

had she told me how dumb i was a few months earlier, she would have saved me from a brother who graduated 4th in his class at harvard , telling me i was not going to school in n.c., s.c. , ga…probably still being mad i didn’t go to schools he picked out in boston and california.

what if i hadn’t gone to school that day? i would have had to wait until the movie analyze this with billy crystal or the tv hit series : monk.

and i am like an idiot savant , a gift for telling people they are OCD now ,like guessing their weight at the state fair. they are so shocked i know. i should go tell the dr, who was still eating halls like they were going out of style.


7 thoughts on “OCD , Humor & Morgan’s Dr.

  1. I absolutely love the way you write. so REAL, just what it is for you. Give me some of what you have, please? 😉 (I’ve missed so much, I’m behind!)

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