Tonight Tattoo Galifianakis

Hot Chelle Rae

‘Tonight Tonight”

“i don’t know if i’ll
make it but watch how good i’ll
fake it it’s all right”

“we’re goin’ at it
tonight tonight there’s a party
on the rooftop”

“kinda looks like you
woke up with strange tattoo

“Horror Movie Actor from N.C.”
(deserves his own page too)

he kept yelling “hey
you can come sit up here moved
bags off chair”.
reaching inside lone bag
flip flops fit he realized
chair was mine.

“Zach Galifianakis
sold suntan lotion here
several years ago”

5 thoughts on “Tonight Tattoo Galifianakis

  1. Yes, incorporating a humorous but dumb comedian with the party scene and current music. I think Horror Movie Actor from N.C. probably needs me to know him…hahaha!

  2. i didn’t want to …have no idea why i did, except that’s what people do…waste of time,sleep , health & money…i went to a baptist college too; i’m jewish…
    they made you take P.E. too…lol i hate that… only good maynard ferguson came to concert… violin teacher was 1st chair….all my music teachers from when i was little were in the greenville symphony that played at furman.

    Can I continue this one here? I’m not in the mood to share stuff with my whole blog. (people read the comments every once in a while).

    funny that you went to a baptist college. I went to a Mormon college…makes more sense.

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