Don’t Think Too Hard

In front of sign please
do not reserve pool furniture
she reserves four.


If i breathe the
salt air will i still have a
salt deficiency?

Man carrying three
pair new shoes while his wife
is walking bare footed.

pulling out tangles
woman walks by and says ouch
tell her she is right.
wouldn’t it be lovely
if you could drown your sorrows
in the pool?

I would like to shoot
the man who invented spray
on suntan lotion.

I would give death
penalty to person who
invented cigarettes.


In law enforcement
you should live every single
day like it’s the last.



8 thoughts on “Don’t Think Too Hard

  1. Exceptional poem .Facing reality some times is very hard for the many.Thank you for liking my post ( Spring Day…) Cheers.jalal

  2. Wow, i love this piece. I could in a lot of ways relate to it; especially the last two stanzas. Great and oh, thanks for passing by my blog. Waiting to read more from you 🙂

  3. I liked the way it flowed using some themes to tie them together. I especially agree that detangling hair is an “ouch!” and that the line about the man you kissed who hasn’t been back for 2 to 10 years, funny comment! (Will he be “out” soon?)

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