d.c. to charleston
awake all night first trip
conductor passes.
fourth time he laughs
saying you just left him
how did he know?
writing a letter
asked me to join him
in the dining car.
boyfriend said write
never ridden a train
a lot had happened.
i was confused
who’s flying the plane
awake 10 hours.

“I say the Train is
coming baby and i want
you to stand by me”.

“I say the Train is
coming baby I say the
Train is coming now”.

Bob Marley


aunt sis hopkins

why my father called her sis hopkins, i don’t grandmother called her vaccinated with a phonograph needle.
i called her aunt semmie.
she left 600,000 .00 to each of her 5 sisters & brothers or their family,which turned out to be, 10 nieces & nephews.

the funny part begins: she drove a pontiac i am in a photo with , when i was 7 & she had the same car 30 years later.she left my brother , my sister & i 200,000 each.she had to have at least 6 million dollars, before taxes were taken out at 55% .i think it was because my father bought her stock, because she couldn’t have made that workng at mr. shirt with him: This was his hobby. he retired when i was one & took me to the stock market every day for a year, but then bought a men’s shirt store.

one day i asked aunt semmie when she was 83 , why she didn’t buy a dishwasher? my father bought my grandmother this house many years before i was born & aunt semmie’s husband died before i was born, so she lived was apparently built before dishwasher & washers & dryers. every sunday after shoneys or ihop, sunday school, wendy’s or hardees , my father & i went to visit.i walked across the street with her to the laundromat and asked why she didn’t have a washer then , but years later i found out you can wire the house for these things.
so i ask the question again & she said miss worry, “don’t you think if i wanted one i would buy one”.
NO i don’t.shortly after this question, a brain tumor from cigarettes caused her to leave over 6 million dollars to her nieces & nephews.


“All Blues”

“sea and sky and you
and I all blues,some blues
are sad some are glad”.

not just the beach , men shopping too

“They were Twenty”

“it’s like you’re in love
with her i thought you were
in love with me man”.

“second time you
run into her ” then a third
and a fourth.

this is my title & a haiku :

Country music star
ice cream section talking
whiskey on the Phone :

“just put a nipple
on a gallon jug
and hand it to him”.

do not get this virus from sociopath


he or she will place
a virus on your computer
don’t click.

sociopath gives
chiropractors a bad name
if you are one.

no more time for haiku:
but seriously

my definition of a sociopath in this case-

take something people need like this person and prey upon people who need to lose weight & give them more problems- steal their money for nothing…

I’M NOT FAT, i was just being polite clicking, (but i did need a local chiropractor)..
Also i’m angry you assumed someone sitting & typing is fat!lol.. ha , i’m standing because T12 hurts and C1,2,3,4, & 5 …………………… lol

* i know you will see this, b/c you just liked me again , but i don’t care . i ‘m not afraid of sociopaths. i live to stop them. you picked on the wrong person.

cracking up

“i see the tassels
you got on a bikini”
elevator five.

“you got bronchitis
you goin the wrong way
what you been drinkin”?

nothing at all
“you’ll find your way around”
here since september. lol

“We Meet Again” (laughing)
walking on the boardwalk
opposing sides.

he was the drunk one
although i got off on three
instead of one.

the doors opened
no one was there so
i thought it was one.

(happens all the time
someone pushes a button
disappearing act).

stop & pat the doggy

owner said i made
her dog’s day told her
she made mine too.

told me dog wanted
to tell me all of her troubles
i listened.

couple jogging with puppy
they would not let him
stop to you know what.

“Sexy & i know it”

“passion in my pants
ain’t afraid to show it
look at that body”