men say darndest things with beverages

but first a haiku from “road trip”:

“We do three things
in the south baby we live
we love and we eat”.

One Direction’s;

“You light up my world
like nobody else you don’t
know you’re beautiful”.
men who shout haiku at me:

“did you find any
or pirates nothin”?
“water fountain”

“Don’t drink that water
i’ve got some in my cooler”
stranger from behind.
“empty driver’s seat”

golf cart passenger
“have you got a license to
operate that thing”?
i wasn’t driving
just sitting on the soft seat
two silly men yell”.
“He Keeps His Promise Every Time”

“we promise not to hit
your water bottle if
you get in the pool”.

man’s power driven
pina colada blender
sounds like lawn mower.

secret is ice cream
banana slices also
whole pool is staring.

(Next Day)
three offer beer
consolation prize for noisy
gas powered blender.
“jimmy buffett”

“if you like pina
colada if you like makin
love at midnight”

6 thoughts on “men say darndest things with beverages

  1. Love the 1st haiku from “road trip” ! Thanks a lot for following my blog and for the “Likes” ! Greetings from the South of France where indeed we live we love and we eat !

  2. Lots of excitement, drinking and fun contained in this series! I like the way it moves and evolves… this is so technically difficult to do, writing haikus with such layers and directions.

  3. I’m afraid I disagree with the above comment on One Direction, but I like the way you use it here. You grab speech right out of real life’s mouth and paste it on the page and it’s very real – the ironic tone of much of your poetry is so refreshingly far from contrived! More, more, more glitzy tropical condos and more of the leathery bronzed elderly!

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