an email that says the maintenance man patched the roof & thinks i can just pack up half the house & leave again for three days like last week, so he can spray bleach on the ceiling again and go to a stranger’s home & not sleep for another three days , like last week.

last week he told me the tar was gone that kept the AC’s on the roof from leaking ….i didn’t say then why does it happen when it rains, until i find water spots on the ceiling again after it rained, but not mold yet this time..

we don’t have northern mold here. he thinks i’m a yankee & toxic mold is northern…i didn’t laugh or say i’m from s.c.
then he said EVERY condo has mold .where can i go! everywhere i go there is toxic mold. i give up…a 90,000 condo in myrtle beach, a brand new 600,000 condo in potomac , md, a 12 yr old 370,000 condo in arlington va.

i doubt many people have this problem. yesterday someone said to me “you can’t go anywhere can you”.so i asked mr.man to please leave the balcony door open for the chemicals to leave & he wanted to argue about the door open & the ac on… i said i will gladly pay the a c bill all the time…then , he wanted to paint the ceiling & i said then i can’t come back for 3 months…finally my realtor told him.do not paint.
so he is going to want to paint again & he left the door open , like i asked & now there are ants.i’ve never seen ants inside but i’ve been spraying tobasco sauce, salt & water & spraying vinegar too…there aren’t many but it’s still upsetting. i’m watching one play in the black pepper i sprinkled too. he’s enjoying the pepper.

an ironic bitter purple haiku:

doctor gave me heartburn
when he asked me to stop
taking nexium.

somewhere out there
a town with no toxic mold
or aggravation.

8 thoughts on “typical

  1. ALright! You know how I love rants, Miss Errinspelling. Amazing how easy it is for people to ask you to leave your home for a few days like it’s nothing. I’m the same way. If I go elsewhere, I don’t sleep at all. I suppose he leaves a mess when he leaves, too. Typical is right.

    • you love rants? lol.i can rant 24/ 7.. my cab driver in va. said i could write 3 books 10 years ago. he also said “woody allen would love to make a movie of your life”. he has a masters in physics.lol
      i don’t sleep either…i’ve only been here since may 24th.

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