saturday jellyfish shuffle

push him to the left
when ocean covers his head
he floats back to sand
under the boardwalk
down by the sea gay mullet
jumping in schools.

deviled crab running
underneath on bottom
giant pink jellyfish.

floating against grass
guy says “look at that toad fish”
silly it’s a crab.
(At Sea)
six tiny nibbling fish
dining on the bad fate
one used as bait.

dining sounds sweet
but really i stop myself
from saying this:

sociopath six
and the horrible fisherman
who killed him.

but i knew the man
tis october where is he
look up he’s waving.

why can’t you use
a bang -o -lure or rapalla
be a good sport.

Beach Boys/ Under The Boardwalk:

“I’ll Love You right there
In the Sand under the Boardwalk
Down by the Sea”.

“As the Sun goes Down
We’ll Take a walk along the Strand
I want to go”.

“On a blanket
With my baby that’s where I’ll be
Under the Boardwalk”.

20 thoughts on “saturday jellyfish shuffle

      • i know.i’ve only seen them on flags…but here they have like no two alike..they were purple in april, but now they are pink…giant ones & tiny ones,& middle ones…just like the three bears…fisherman’s wife said she counted 69 sunday..that’s math.. i counted 17 – 9 hotels, but i stopped to play with annie & moon pie & on the way back there were at least 3 sitting next to where there had been only 1….i can’t count that high.

      • guess i’m never going to sc. we are planning on going to dc someday. maybe our next vacation. too bad we couldn’t go now, with the govnt being shut down.

      • you should go to s.c. 1. mr dharma just wrote on this page..only the brown one & long tentacles to be afraid of….only a few out of 100’s…lady said probably a hurricane in the sea….doesn’t happen often…..67 degrees isn’t cold for you, or hello kitty.
        if you don’t mind toxic mold in the walls , you can go to my condo.

      • you can go to the aquarium…see archie bunker’s chair,walk around on the mall , not in the mall with hello kitty , but on the mall…lincoln memorial has cherry blossoms in april for 1 week on your bday & mine, until it rains…..

      • sure…obama will welcome you with open bitterarms…lincoln memorial is big white house…

        whocouldknowthen said “nah ” he wouldn’t beat your bog up ,”it looks like someone already knocked you sideways”.lol

  1. A woman after my own heart. Beautiful writing, miss errinspelling. Those brown jellies, Cannonballs, are virtually harmless y’all. I pick them up in the surf sometimes and rub their tentacles just to prove it to others. General rule here. Stay away from the jellies with long, long tentacles. A foot or more. They might be man-o-wars and they can do some damage. Under the Boardwalk is such a great tune. I can’t get it out of my head, miss errinspelling. Reckon that’s good.

    • i saw one brown & 100’s of pink fri-mon…there were 4 pink clear with pink marbles and pink ribbons that had very long tentacles, like a foot…i guess i was too 2 inches …
      i reckon you will be plum tired of it by the end of the day.sorry ya hear.

  2. Great stuff.
    But the Beach Boys rather than The Drifters?
    Much as AnElephant adores Brian Wilson and his lads, he still prefers the old original.
    But not about to start a stramash, okay?

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