dolphin, sunny and 76

i was closing in
three ducks walk up diving board
said i’m sorry

i have no bread now
they walk back down the ramp
despising my guts.

if i had a nickel
for every time my husband said
don’t stand still

stay in the car don’t
stand still they got me today
wasn’t standing still.

(red ant)

(way way way out thinking / i’m not batman)

master waist deep throws
ball way out to sea dog swims
over waves fetching

wearing red leash
ready to help dog ,punch man
spot fins behind dog

five dolphin playing
spinning around dolphin flashes
want to play too

ocean a gorgeous blue
mullet pirouette
dolphin demi plie .
two men and their partial
haiku :
Testing the Water

i step into pool
man says “it’s only cool
to the touch” funny guy.

Walking on Beach

“you live here don’t you?
every time i come
keep up the good work” okay.

12 thoughts on “dolphin, sunny and 76

      • We should all be plieing–makes for grace :). Have to admit you took my breath away, delightfully, with the vision of dolphins doing demi plies. But, why not? Mind expansion–yippee! Xo

      • yes why not the dolphin & why not all of us.. i’m going to go right now….little point and flex toes first .. this is so funny to me i can’t remember my name hardly but i can remember : raindrops keep falling on my head = step slide kick kick ball change, toe heel ball change… step slide kick guy who’s feet are too big for his head … xo

  1. Images of dolphins beautiful, Miss errinspelling. Loved the fetch game with the dogs, too. It’s so fun to watch. I want to meld with the ocean. Meld? Is that the right word. Have another great day!

    • lol.thank-you… yes i want to mind meld with the dolphin…i just found a starfish . i tried to put him deep..his little thingy’s were moving….found a blue shovel & he came back….so i was taking him back to the fisherman to throw him deep & a little boy said i’ll take him….then the fisherman wanted him, but he wasn’t going to put him back…he said they die when they come off the coral…..

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