bridge over the ocean’s creek

cheerleading camp
band formation schools of fish
practicing flashes
who’s on top who pays under
pyramid schemes
leader starts cheer
promising fish free dinner
making a straight line
they go left then right
never getting anywhere
form circle of trust
no such pyramid
leader will lose his life
larger shark waiting
Thrift Shop
Macklemore :

” twenty dollars in
my pocket ” “a cold ass
honkey ” “this is awesome ”

” i call that getting
swindled and pimped
those flannel zebra jammies “

44 thoughts on “bridge over the ocean’s creek

  1. Laughed out loud at the last two stanzas, misserrinspelling, and you know how I feel about the stanzas prior. I wanted to you to be among the first to know. I just purchased my second blog on WordPress. It will be open to the public late this month or early November. Tentatively titled, Remember when…in Myrtle Beach and along the Grand Strand. The design will be intended to invite anyone who has graced the shores we know and love so well to share their memories, photographs and opinions of greater MB and the Strand. Also, don’t think I haven’t noticed you liking my stuff . I will be sure to do the same. My two cents will continue to be spewed on DBB. Thanks and have a great day! A great week! A great life!

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