two hours in the sand

do sheep get itchy
are some allergic to wool
you have to wonder.
Sophie the Dog

sophie was all wet
she looked at parents like they
pushed her into hole

hole in the ocean
she misjudged no judging
told me her plight

she told me to walk
very warm at the ocean
windy here by ducks

she stands far away
knowing duck could pull her in
felipe is tricky.
In the Sand

almost erased
i love nolan and conner
by the next waves

( i love conner too
scott peterson erased him
erased laci too ).

Mr. Blond Mullet

he caught two blue fish
one as i walked behind him
return second blue

while i was away
shark jumped on his minnow
snapped thirty test.
An Old Seventeen

sweet home schooled boy
“are you that jewish lady
from last october ”

five two and five ten
sinking deeper into sand
teenager and i .

every october
he said “keep up the good work”
told him to “drive safe ”

we laugh at silly
expressions people say to us
” you’re doin it ”

“Stay There”

remember last year
he crossed the creek at high tide
to tell me something.

Family Walk

sister walks head down
three miles searching for shark teeth
today she found two .
Black Dress & Eyeshadow

you look so pretty
” i’m doing a model shoot ”
six year old child .

White Doggy

twelve year old lucy
pink t shirt avoid sunburn
” i love my daddy “.

18 thoughts on “two hours in the sand

  1. Itchy sheep. Mr. Blond Mullet. Hilarious. Love the images of Sophie in the water. shark snapping line. Y’all standing in the water. Scott Peterson. Followed the whole case on Court TV. Pumped my fist when the jury came back with the guilty verdict. Amber, so brave. Lacey and Connor. Makes tears well in my eyes to this day. Lacey, beautiful person. Connor. Never had a chance. How could anyone do that to their unborn child? Tears. I was a staunch conservative then. Pumped my fist with the death penalty result. Now I lean more to the left. Reformed. Don’t know if I believe in the Death Penalty anymore. But wait. Wait till the earth is rid of sociopath Scott. Then rid the state of the DP. Peace, beautiful person.

      • Me too. Want to see him go down badly. I was just so relieved when they found him guilty. I thought for months I was witnessing OJ all over again. I think I’m on the verge of insanity? What kind of man could do what he did? Divorce her, for God’s sake, and pay her alimony and child support, if he just wanted to get some someplace else. I was, as usual, ‘tween relationships and I was thinking, my God Lacey was so pretty, what was he looking for, she would have been dream to me. I was sickened by Scott’s parents continued denial of the obvious. Amber was so brave for coming forward and testifying

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