all i want for hanukkah is olivia pope

On the first night, second day of hanukkah, scandals’s on ABC
you can watch with me
or on your own tv
is even on hulu for free
we will drink sweet tea
sandwhich you some turkey
yes with cranberry
mine bread’s gluten free
just for you turkey
spinach quiche with brie
that will be for me
pumpkin muffins with cranberry
desert crepe blueberry
cause bf’s allergic to strawberry
also father ,daddy
“eat anything that won’t eat me”
rather listen to john cocuzzi
also with john prevetti
and big joe , who make “THE BIG THREE”
jazz in washington d.c.
cool katz yes sir ee
sing jazzy christmas by the tree
piano and fire , john cocuzzi, the
my favorite hanukkah you see
but i am by the sea
so i’ll watch scandal on tv
wait for gift, filigree
not on bended knee
but through the chimney
and a malibu barbie


it’s that time of year.well, no  it’s a different time, every have to look at the jewish calendar or an american calendar and subtract a day.only four more shopping days or  if you are reformed five more shopping hard to find a good parking place.the lines at the mall are unbelieveable.the hanukkah decorations are beautiful,if you can find any decorations. macy’s has so many dreidel ornaments to hang on your tree, but you don’t have a tree. unless… you are married to someone who is christian.there must be a lot of interfaith marriages.why else would macy’s have so many different hanukkah, chridtmas tree ornaments.bloomingdales always has chocolate covered apples with royal blue ribbons. i like to decorate with these, because i haven’t seen any new hanukkah decorations ,since 1st  grade. godiva likes to wrap candy boxes in blue ribbon also. that magically turns them into chanukkah gifts.

you watch for all…

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