on the first day of hanukkah
my true duck will send to me
a round trip ticket to fly for free
join him at home in his palm tree
on the second day of chanukah
my true love will explain to me
how thanksgiving and chanukkah can be on the same day you see
and two lovely camels to wrap gifts and saute ghee
yes a big help to me
on the third day of hannukkah
my true love will cook for me
three somethings that contain no all er gy
no wheat no sugar, no eggs or soy & they’re glu ten free
they also should come in rhymes of three
on the fourth day of chanukkah
my true love bakes for me
four black and white cookies in the state of new jer sey
they don’t come from the south , not that i ever did see
wanted one since they were on seinfeld in a ba ker y
on the fifth day of hannukah
my true love grates for me
five potato latkes and one to hang on his tr ee
four black and white cookie
three foods allergy free
two camels sauteing ghee
and my duck waiting in his tree
warm paradise of the red sea

on the sixth day of hanukkah
my true love gives to me
six ipods he bought on the second day of hanukkah , yes black fri dy
(we don’t say day in the south but dy or some of us with accents sill y)
two for my camels,one for my duck and three for me
for home, land and sea
or maybe ipads actually
i forgot what he told me
forgot the difference, a little technical mishuggy

on the seventh day of channukah
my true love makes for me
seven spinning dreidels and a sho pping spree ee
wherever the dreidel lands he ki sses me
like an alle go ry
becuase he thinks it’s like a spin the bottle par ty
and that’s al right with me

on the eighth day of channnukkah
my true love brings to me
eight baby ducks and we wash them in i vory
no not dawn because they’re not greasy
then we have high tea
it’s so pepper min ty
we sit by the sea ,listen to sym phony
dolphin on chord of harp sy
tuna plie instead of play because they’re dol phin free
he pulls out the best gift and it’s not po ppy
hamantaschen with prune if you know my tummy
and a hanukkah filled with frui ty pas t ry
my mother loved jane parker fruit cakes from the A&P
and that’s alright too with me makes hanukkah christ mas y

*You can try to sing
To the twelve days of christmas
And you may succeed

74 thoughts on “chanukkahturkekahgibletkah

  1. errin, this is BRILLIANT! oh how many New York, Seinfeld references you’ve included here,
    i can barely keep track.of them all, like this one;
    ‘four black and white cookies in the state of new jer sey
    they don’t come from the south , not that i ever did see
    wanted one since they were on seinfeld in a ba ker y’

    and then this, out of left field. and yes i know what ghee is,
    i’ve cooked many an Indian dish;
    ‘and two lovely camels to wrap gifts and saute ghee
    yes a big help to me’

    errin, this was so much fun to read, ty for the non stop giggles!

  2. I went to comment because the first word that came to my mind was “brilliant.” The first comment I read started that way. Laughed so hard while trying to sing along, miss errin. Sorry I’m a couple days behind in following but I’ve worked roughly 24 of last 30 hours on 2nd blog and still haven’t slept, so laughing at this with tears coming out of my eyes, and, yes, ben, I’m laughing so much I’m bitter about laughing. Y’all have a great Thanksgiving. I’ll be spending mine with Jon S. on the shores in Myrtle Beach, giving sunrise services with my flock, so to speak. Have a great week, Miss errin. You have made my day!

  3. I haven’t watched enough Seinfelds to catch the references. That’s what happens when you spend 2 years overseas. Culturally deprived. Dang. Doesn’t matter. Loved it.

  4. I always love your wacky humor but you are so right! How can two great holidays land on the same date? The duck being not greasy so not needing dawn to be washed with the dolphin and tuna references, for those who are trying to be so good for the environment and your mother getting a pastry from A & P, I remember those! The different verses made me laugh so hard, which is not too good of a thing to do, when I am on a library computer and needing to be shushed! Also, haven’t gotten up to use the facilities and don’t need to have an ‘accident’ here on this fine computer chair!

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