flounder floundering III

your mouth wide open
walk all the way to the beach
no bridge over creek

ten feet are stolen
fall through into the water
man says four days tops

only at low tide
can walk all the way around
amazing maze

halloween low tide
purple crabs scurry to holes
untouched shells

i will stay feed you
you never turn down sunbeam
we will eat all day.
mr mullet voice
“make the hotel next door take
you home in their cart”

was almost high tide
second bridge comes into view
gate being lifted

back to the fish tail
dolphin playing shark story
crystal blue water

mr mullet speaks
“i will do anything once
but never again”

two girls found a shark
i’m sure the witches had
visions of necklaces

had to wash off red
he missed dancing with dolphins
teach him not to kill

honeymoon tail
he fell asleep in the gulf stream
fishing for marlin

halfed a dramamine
after groom’s tummy ache
10 foot swells

hurricane coming
no one told me mile below
i caught a tuna

grab the seat in front
every time your head would fall
fear ocean slumber

158 thoughts on “flounder floundering III

  1. Yes, I loved the maze in the creek. Amazing. Instant pictures in my mind. Jumping from one patch of sand to the next to get across. Feet get soaked in the winter and might as well be bare-footed. Flounders just are so amazing to me as well. Ugly fish. White on one side. Two eyes on same side of face. I don’t know why. When I first saw the title. I thought of Flounder from Animal House. I also laughed like heck at the conversation between you and Bitter Ben. But it’s not the weather that’s been beating me down, whether or not I like it, it’s computer and some guy attacking me on Sun News site. He’s a writer, so he says, and he can’t understand why I’m always so critical of local government and business people. Then when I attacked back. He said I was thin-skinned. Yeah, I was a reporter and I’m thin skinned. Anyway. Been down before. Trick is to stand back up. And reading brilliant works of you and others help me through. Peace.

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