Standing In A Sea You Cannot See

wanting french fries
the way G-d intended them with
salt and heinz ketchup

dolphin pairs undulate
unbroken no footprints
calm wind no more blows

who’s idea was this
going back to glasses of
the 1950’s

arm deer with rifles
giving them a fighting chance
9 mm uzi
Pooling Pool Thoughts
replaced by Enchanting Fog
prepossessing charm
fog twenty five feet
larry david heaven scenes
honoring life birds

actually never
forgetting beautiful fog
exactly heaven

picturing movies
wanting to stand here always
april attraction

magic fog surrounds
cannot see ten feet away
capturing beauty

no one else in world
completely calm alone as
if G-d is with you

knowing the only
reason you feel this way is
because of tv

nothing like highway
only fear is you cannot
see where the sea is.

slowly reaching you
cannot even see past first
wave on your toes

totally surrounded
delightful fogginess

magically lifting
two other signs of life
appearing in distance

sigh of relief
not one with the sea he might just
run ashore get ya

and no one would know
when no one else is looking
parting in two halves

52 thoughts on “Standing In A Sea You Cannot See

  1. Miss errinspelling, I met John Heinz before he died in helicopter crash. Covered a chamber of commerce meeting where he was speaking. I swear. The man would have been president had he not died. So nice and charismatic. Teresa was there, too. Who knew? They used my article about his speech that day on the back of the next chamber of commerce newsletter. An honor and I wish I hadn’t lost it over the years. Yes, arm deer with uzis and make it fair. Mmm. French fries with Heinz and salt.
    So much depth In this I came back to re-read. sometimes I want the sea to swallow me but I like living too much. laughed at 50s glasses. I have some attempts at poetry frozen on hard drive in storage room on which I wrote about fog and it’s as if you read it before writing this. Whole poem very well done.

  2. I greatly appreciate your stream of consciousness. A recent poem of yours made me think: perhaps, I should comment more. .And, why not? I have nothing to hide. Excellent work!

    • that is very…you don’t have to comment…i am not a big this poem sat here for like 2 months with 29 likes & then all of a sudden, people kept commenting after i came back.. never figure it out…2013 fair but 2014 it’s a hit. LOL.. just silly.

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