wedding in the sand ,fowl baseball & a dog

blues outside the pool
better than country music
still it isn’t jazz

on your left soul sister
right ocean live guitar
sweet home chicago

not romantic
so embarrassing underdressed
in your bikini

would be wealthy if
only i had a nickel
every single time
southern ducks high noon
mullet swims under duck trying
to pick a fight

duck taking bread from
mullet seems both can share half
turtle comes along

not in a bad mood
maybe he placed bets on who
would win fowl or fish

ducks catching in mouth
even though i’m bad shot &
it’s always windy

three ducks bat the bread
they have their own baseball team
funny ducklings

instead of dining
bread hits the beak goes flying
sports mystery


little rascal’s dog
father allows him wherever
he wants to go

front back circles bird
toward hotel another bird
allows his dog lead

i love a man
let’s his dog go where he wishes
thinks about others

he hollers his dog
is afraid of the water
everyone must be

can see only one
in the ocean for a mile
either direction

18 thoughts on “wedding in the sand ,fowl baseball & a dog

  1. Very nice. I especially like “Wedding in the Sand”–but I’m a blues fan . . .

    I also like the lines “he hollers his dog / is afraid of the water / everyone must be.”

    • xoxoxoxo sirena…i really can’t come back right now, but i took a break from the movers & the realtors & the closers & the rain coming thru the roof & the hammering outside for 2 months , because i remembered it was my anniversary here, so i typed something…
      if i was cinderella, i have a few hours before freezng rain /snow, b/c the wireless will go off. heaven help me if the electricity goes off, like they just said on tv for 2 days.

  2. Hey Miss errinspelling. How ya doing? I love Sweet Home Chicago. So many great versions, including Blues Brothers. Saw where you mentioned you had to take a break for a bit. I’m nearing that point, I think. Readership hasn’t changed in months. Bummer. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get a second wind. Hope your doing well. I miss the muse.

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