sharks don’t ask questions

when you see a shark
polite to ask first before
taking his picture

just because he doesn’t
ask before eating you
two wrongs don’t make right

manners of the sea
hello may i devour you
no you may not bye

little vegan fish
shore leave swallowing algae

kosher bottom feeding
everything is kosher
when you are in love

25 thoughts on “sharks don’t ask questions

  1. I refuse to eat shark. Someday when a boat I’m on sinks, I don’t want to hear some shark say “hey, ain’t you the guy who was gnawing on my cousin Lucille at that seafood joint up on the coast highway?”

  2. this reminds me of megalodon…a humongous shark..that my 10 yr old nephew introduced me on..this past weekend. did u know a shark can eat a whale? …so this research indicated…

    but, back to your poem and the concept of biting before sniffing…yes, this is nature’s instint…somehow we know what is right for us. No need to ask permission; our hearts know what what we wish.


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