kindergarten ku ( for The Cutter)

once i ran away
from kindergarten lutheran
church of our savior

not because i’m jewish
but because we had a
substitute teacher

running to brick house
crossing the street to Foxes
jewish family

housekeeper thought
noodles and butter would calm me
haven’t had them since

someone convinced me that
substitutes were alright

i was only four
miss Rosemary came back next day
fr’ere jacques

taught me piano
Adam poked me with pemcils
blue mole born of lead

one day Adam
unzipped his pants proving he must
use little boy’s room

two thousand seven (2007)
federal prison one year
alien check fraud

i always picture
my mother walking down stairs
Adam’s going up

same hospital ten days apart
day my mother leaves
his arriving

synchronistic lives
elementary pool neighborhood
hebrew class

except my father
Kindest Gentlest Giving
his apparent crook

father giving him
fifty cents to be quiet
carpool millionaire

gambling dry cleaners
ran away to Atlanta
like father like son

Adam’s last email
google advised against it
stealing financials

third grade black belt
always protecting me who will
protect me from you
note to self *
(google ? no )

no actual running
involved crossing the street
or to Atlanta

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