Bloom in ` limerick ` bloomin haiku

There once was a lovely woman named Bloom

Entomology lover please assume

She’s afraid of all cats

Not Katz saying ” thats thats ”

And at forty she did marry her groom

this could not be any
truer if my name was
truey truerstein.

dr. jonathan katz – a cartoon therapist who was once part of a duo – “koppelman & katz & that’s thats ”

mrs. bloom studied entomology in n.y., then came to s.c. , marrying, one of my parent’s dearest friends, an attorney, when she was forty..she’s Terrified of cats…not bugs ,just cats,not Katz ,just cats…also kittens.

12 thoughts on “Bloom in ` limerick ` bloomin haiku

  1. Kooky; as in beautifully quirky. But not Cooky, she was my first turtle and is now in turtle heaven (which I believe is Kalamaki Beach in Zakynthos, Greece) and certainly not Cookie, because my cookies are invariably crumbly (i’m allergic to butter) and your words are fluid and not crumbly/un-crumbly (you choose)
    Sorry, I can’t do quirky like you do – this was my best attempt.

      • I’m going to make a cookie with oil, in the shape of a turtle, as a tribute to Cooky. Watch this space for updates on Cooky’s cookie.
        Also: finding common ground via allergies is a first for me. It may inspire a Haiku… ;D

      • Hahaha! Half-Baked is my new favourite Ben and Jerry’s flavour, but only bc they no longer sell Cherry Garcia in Scotland. You can use butter, so your half-baked haiku is ‘bound’ to be good.
        Ba-dum-ttttshhh *sad trombone*

      • They do indeed – choc and vanilla ice cream with cookie dough chunks. I also love coffee ice cream, but only at Xmas! My choice is Italian CafĂ© Lavazza ice cream – it blows my mind (or maybe that was just the brain freeze?)

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