who said that

who said everything
happens for a reason not
marilyn monroe

that which does not kill
us makes us stronger another
stupid saying

everytime i hear
these idiotic expressions

until a few months ago, i thought “everything happens for a reason” was some religious saying. then i discover marilyn monroe quoted this,from probably someone else in this lifetime. people give her credit.

it was probably charles lederer , screenwriter ,who said this first, not the heavens, a human person.
people have been fooling me, saying this to me , all of my life .
lederer was jewish and irish ,so why do people always use this to try to convert me.

what in the world would marilyn monroe know about philosophy. neither do i, but heaven help the next person , who says this to me. you guessed :out the window they go.
i mean if you break both legs in an accident ,then you are in pain for the rest of your life, you are weaker.
you have a new fear of cars. i have never broken anything, but i have been in so many car wrecks, i think i have the right to say this.

if it doesn’t kill you over & over ,you don’t become stronger, but angrier, fearful,sad…maybe if it happens once.but the expression doesn’t say once. it is used in the plural ,whenever i hear this.

i place them together , because they go together. they are said at the same time, even though Fredrich Nietzsche said the latter.

* i wasn’t going to use this today & then three minutes ago, some psychopathic coach on law and order SVU just said “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”,so now i’m mad and i have to say this. that coach belongs under the prison. i am so tired of all the sociopaths on tv.

i’m going to make a tv show where nothing bad ever happens. everyone is always happy. no one is ill.an entire channel is what i want.

35 thoughts on “who said that

  1. I agree completely with your comments. “Everything happens for a reason.” Well, perhaps that’s so. But that doesn’t mean that the reasons are good. There are teleologies, and there are eschatologies–and then there are etiologies.

    And when do we know whether something has or has not killed us? My father did not die from his first heart attack, or his second or his third or fourth or fifth. But it would be worse than foolish to claim that each heart attack made him stronger.

    • oh no i’m sorry your father had at least 5 heart attacks…

      i have free will to go outside & murder someone in a car wreck, who would have been the best president the world ever had is how i look at this & there’s no reason…everything is a stupid word to me.

  2. those who utter, “that which does not kill you makes you stronger,” are those who fear being in the presence of suffering and thus desire to distance themselves from the reality of loss, grief, and pain with masks made from papered words.

    those who open their soul’s to the pain within life have the potential to gift us with a deeper understanding of compassion, loving-kindness, forgiveness, and peace of mind. they also have the potential to touch upon the source of all creative endeavors…

    Mother, I weep
    for you as I watch the was
    each time I watch the sea ~Issa

    let’s be present to their fears, denials…let’s gift them, those who fear their own truths, with our own deepened understanding of the suffering within all of life.

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