you may have fibromyalgia if

your restaurant reviews look like this:

the seats were MARVELOUS!

the first time i ever waited for a chocolate souffle

the cushioning in the booth was fantastic ,like a cloud

could have sat there all night long

we could have even waited 24 hours for the peking duck
to fly in and join us for after dinner drinks

i give this restaurant 5 out of five stars

like a tempurpedic mattress

the food ? oh who knows doesn’t matter

sitting on a cloud
only time you can think
cushioning all around

11 thoughts on “you may have fibromyalgia if

  1. Very fun review! Hey, seating is a very important part of fine dining!

    As for the FoggyBrains Cafe: My “band” is called the Foggy-Headed Boys. (We haven’t played since December 2011, and we play only at my firm’s holiday party. But, hey: we’re still a band!)

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