bizzy as a bee

please state your purpose
you have a special purpose?
steve martin the jerk

they are so busy
diagonal zig zag left
hundreds hovering

up down all around
if their pants are falling down
invisible ones

honeysuckle fragrance
keep doing what you do
carrying on task

alphabet U’s
training for the olympics
perhaps jumping rope

think bees want chinese
balcony screen stops their bite
allowing me mine

(how not to get stung
no running no bare feet shade
they like drinking coke )

20 thoughts on “bizzy as a bee

  1. Ha ha ha…just rewatched the jerk a few weeks ago. “I don’t need anything….except this stapler…this stapler is all I need….and this ashtray. This stapler and this ashtray…that’s all I need…and….” Genius. I am amply supplied with special udders, but no special purpose. God discriminates.

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