i followed you

hi i’m a narcissist
don’t like anything you wrote
just come read me

i never intend
to like or to even read
anything you write

(some may have other
reasons they may not know the way
to read your blog)

follow me a year
read everything i write
i never learned manners

it’s too bad no one
who i am talking about
will ever read this

i actually get
very angry and i say
go jump in the lake

when they follow me
i say go jump in the lake
almost every day

sometimes i just think
oh great another pyramid

they are just so sweet
dying to make you money
their mission in life

when in fact they are
scheming to take your money
so they can be rich

“make money blogging”
run away when you see this
“empower”, “simple”

they wear sunglasses
sometimes husband and wife pic
woman and baby

just an avatar
nothing to the right of pic
together good clues

34 thoughts on “i followed you

  1. To me a blog is like that movie ‘Field of Dreams.’ If you build it they will come,maybe. If nobody shows up I can still. look back and see where I’ve been – give my old memory a kick in the butt.

  2. I’m a wee bit embarrassed that it took me so long to catch on to the “follow” game–went and read posts, liked, followed, commented, etc. Even if it took awhile to find something I could “like.” Is it me, or are there now lots o’ folks doing the same thing, without the making money blogging pitch? The follow, and then nada….Thanks for the smiles. xoxo

    • i am embarrassed too . it took me a year,LOL…but every time i write something lately ,, as soon as you hit publish 2 people, & i use the term loosely, .lol will follow, but they do not click like… so how do they know they want to follow you… it’s so rude…LOL

      there’s a 3rd thing i didn’t write that really is strange.. i have more people who follow me backwards than forward…i mean like i read back if you haven’t written anything today, you know, but if you just wrote something & there are 2 people or no one liking it, then they ALWAYS go back months or 2 years.. they have never liked anything you just wrote today, 2 days or 1 month ago…LOL

      i was ill 2 months & there were like 29 people on the last page , then when i come back a few more & now 76 or 97….it’s so silly..

  3. Well said… I have so many of “those”. It makes you appreciate those who actually interact even more. I used to “follow back” a lot more in the very beginning but now i have read a bit first.

  4. I like the humor πŸ™‚ I am a newbie. That’s true. I did go back far indeed, but that doesn’t mean i can’t look at new, too. The new. The old. It’s all good. Thanks. Where’s that like button :)))

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