polygamist trio of quacks

polygamist ducks
mallard with his two wives
float shallow to six feet

sipping pool water
swimming around outer edge
six inches apart

bathing time deep end
stopping for man chat with beer
hearing not liking

one wife jumps on deck
turning her back alcohol
ruffling feathers

all three shake shake shake
dancing without music
noisy feathers flapping

quarter hour floats
eventually three napping
wrong twisted slumber

contortionist sect
chiropractor’s dream house call
C one through seven

Ipanema man
every time he walks by
all three jump into pool

why must you get wet
just because someone walks by
you three silly geese


das segelnboot 4-5 after the drizzle

days like a snowflake
no two exactly alike
walk on rocking beach

five circular girls
solo cups on the sand
hand stands taking turns

wind blows boat across sea
extremely fast sailing
appears targeted

they are coming back
handstand bikinis sitting
in surf with their cups

some guy pacing
appearing to have beautiful
symphony in head

man lying in surf
don’t get too close he has spider
tattoo fingers

resembling this con
on tv one for each
person he murdered

no fear he seems
harmless enough playing with two
sons in the water

you cannot get lost
you will see banana boat’s
white hair and eden


metoprolol generic supposedly toprol

this is probably not for anyone here, at wordpress to read and not a poem or anything funny : it’s a warning against generic medicines not necessarily being the same.

for the last seven months, i had been taking , unknowingly,the wrong medicine, until three and a half weeks ago.

i was taking toprol, for heart problems caused by toxic molds for seven years.for seven months , i have had terrible pressure in my head, dizzier,even harder to read because my b/p was worse, hives and vibrating like a cello, always worse , the higher the b/p, except vibrating apparently from lyme disease.
for seven years before that tiazac but before this i had low b/p because of fibromyalgia. mold caused it to go in the opposite direction.

it was like i was taking a mold pill.these are things mold causes that toprol helps…i could have died from hives in my throat pharmacist would say…but the pressure in your head is unbearable.

even though the pharmacist said the metoprolol would be out of my system in two weeks, i can still see hives.

i just happened to realize what i was taking ; a long story. the pharmacist thought she was saving money, but i thought i specifically said not to change anything.
i had a friend who would have died , had he not been at the VA hospital volunteering , when someone gave him generic heart medicine.

i was even in worse shape than usual, because i had been breathing wet plaster from the rain in the ceiling all winter, sawdust from building new floors outside my condo bedroom and pesticides on both sides of me on the hives and everything else, when i should have just blamed that on making my bronchitis worse…

i even blamed the pesticide for the hives & paid for two months longer at that condo instead of going to the new one i bought in april, because some idiot sprayed my new condo.


navy, seals & navy seals 6:30-7:30

i wasn’t too happy
wednesday spraying sunscreen
on all his muscles

blocking the landing
i stood far away
building muscles of my own

holding food water
air flip flops V.S. beach bag
pyramid pool life

“i was once on swim
team at UCLA
guy kicked me in the face”

telling his daughter
her girlfriend twenties
how he was once navy seal

not twenty four hours
was i asked if navy seals
can say that they are

have only heard people
say that they were after
they had retired

he looked at me and
said “i like seals” and smiled
he knew i like seals

you like animals
speak in haiku i listen
army, reserves, seal

life of pool party
wins racing twenty year olds
people are cheering

twenty third floor next door
he is so happy but
they cheered for wedding

he knew: i did not
would have figured this out
in an hour or two

he asked if people
cheered at my wedding how did
he know i had one?

i turned my head to think
they way he later did
sideways cannonballs

landing on his head
staying underwater so long
only six feet

i said yes they cheered
but i’m jewish & they cheer
when grooms break the glass

irish italian
speaking with scottish accent
it’s like they just met

daughter didn’t know
anything he’d ever done
neither did his son

ESP vanished
after water board training
i mean water borne

tactical navy
unter wasser training the girls
then turns to me

and said you are next
just me floating on pasta
bye bye ESP


5:30 -7:30 MJ & Stevie Wonder

he’s back on the fence
bobblehead lizzard eight times
both watching plane kite

each time flies downward
you hear special sound effects
nhr nhr nhrrr nhrr nhrrr

our eyes are dizzy
too fast for me and lizard
flying rings around

lizard uses whisk
red ring around his collar
doesn’t get red out

he is all puffed up
verblungit is yiddish word
my father uses

no it means confused
ungebluzen and pig means
all puffed up in cheeks

i’m always confused
it should be my middle name
change it from shopping

nervous palm trees
swaying shaking like hula dancers
breezy june days

quiet dove pool shed
watching the waves go by
must be happening spot

pool to yourself
music and wild animals
no splashing dinnertime

“never can say goodbye
no no no no i never
can say goodbye”

now it’s time to go
he “shot a man in reno”
rather fall in sea

johnny cash was
a murderer on columbo
please sir far away

that’s so much better
“signed sealed delivered i’m yours”
sing stevie wonder

on the way back
teenager holds pool door open
“are you coming in”

when i shook my head no
he so sadly said “awwwww”
still wet from mean sea

seven outdoor pools
why would you want one indoors
neither rain nor cold


lizard royale

white stucco lizard
royal blue tail across wall
favorite color

between sea and pool
“you are the sun you are the”
lizard runs on fence

in time to music
he stops in certain places
running very fast

training as greyhound
flew in on air jamaica
he will catch rabbit

“every move you make”
running stopping and breathing
“i’ll be watching you”

nineteen seventies
why is every song they sing
in a time machine

(lizard was running
in beat to bar reggae band
both entertaining)

earlier that day, tom not tim duncan

wearing red one piece
she’s sipping red daiquiri
white towel on head

just as you are thinking
it’s about 2:30
man shouts to his wife

“what time is it honey”
at that very minute
she said 2:30

he’s wearing a watch
must not be waterproof
memory bad as mine

“you don’t like go carts
that’s on my bucket list lucy
love the grand prix”

i love pontiac
tom duncan pontiac
greer s.c.

“lucy was an
exceptionally clean baby”
“found out it was us”

“they adapt to you
the third one does what we do”
“first is the hardest”

“it’s about a
twenty minute ride to grand prix
i bet she’ll pass out”

“especially if
we put something in her belly
got some CHILI”

best bucket list
i will not kick the bucket
are numbers one and last

“i want to put on
my my my my my boogie shoes
boogie with you”

6/4 before ringo

Ringo Dachshund not Starr pulls pork

tuesday night pulled pork
thurdsday nights gourmet pizza
the kosher left side

two fifty a slice
every friday taco night
fish fry wednesday nights

saturday night grill
footlong hotdogs four dollars
burgers and cookout

animal crackers
they’re loaded with calcium
i like the sugar

here we go again
while you’re thinking are they twins
one has blue with black

other hat black with blue
man says no they’re cousins
answering someone

who apparently asked
what i was thinking
synchronistic thoughts

chattanooga choo choo
wearing clemson t shirt
goes to all the games

grew up in greenville
thirty minutes from clemson
explaining it all

“oh dad i remember
where my cigarettes are
in your pants pocket”

haiku on boardwalk
wasted on bad cigarettes
keep it in your pants

ringo’s father asks
“are you back for the summer”
haven’t ever left

6/4 pm

Pink summer

twenty cheerleaders
hot pink bikini circles
d j plays for me

party on rooftop
forgetting it was friday
changing days around

never have you seen
so many hot pink bikinis
in one blue pool

cheerleaders remind
family guy’s peter griffin
water ballet

in another life
i was a gefilte fish
pike whitefish and carp

how very polite
extremely wrong “you don’t mind
if i smoke do you”

why would i mind
came outside to cough sawdust
plaster and mold away

why would you pick me
entire reason i’m here
is for clean sea air

three mormon women
ottie and annie also
join me for cocktails

mine was water
they were discussing shots
but probably were joking

world war two movies
writing book about the war
ask if i’m mormon

“my bitter friend is”
so i know you couldn’t be
drinking alcohol

if you have your health
nothing more to want than
sky saxophone floating

most beautiful pool
two three dimensional kites
saxophone plays jazz

warm “bathwater” calms
cool wind blows everywhere
you don’t want to get out

people are shouting
at me like they usually do
not in haiku

“your favorite color
is purple isn’t it”
man on white sidewalk

laugh and shake head yes
even though you were thinking
blue after he left

purple wrist key
noodle top sandals was his
logical reasoning

silly raccoon
sleeping in Y hears toes grass
goes down inside tree trunk