Delicious Winds

celebration oats
swaying south while some sway north
circular wind stream

dancing by the sea
glorious shades of blue
sun dancing mild ripples

all framing portrait
high on wind the wind is high
kite sea sail flying

tiny birds grounded
for takeoff and departures
tower has spoken

how do fish know
to come to wednesday fish fry
reading their newspaper

wind must come from “west”
that’s when “fishing is the best”
fish love a good rhyme

biting “least with east”
when wind is south catch large mouth
fish north poker fourth

what else could it be
would like to play poker with
charlie the tuna

purposeful porpoise
pray tell sir do you have
any crazy eights


Bulldog’s Surf

Georgia bulldog
walking in surf just like me
longs to be close to you

parents teaching him
perpendicular bulldog
having fun blue sea

like he’s a child
showing him the most enjoyable
way to have fun

usually mother’s
and fathers hold their toddlers
like this in surf waves

drunken fisherman
only his neck above water
he is the bait

in my opinion
a fish will nibble him
before he catches one

why doesn’t he just
let the line out walk backwards
like normal people

time immemorial
cast far out waist deep
then back to knee or sand

parachute kite work
sliding yards across beach
really exercising

you have to be strong
it isn’t your father’s kite
some body builder

attorney wrapped in towel
discussing case with left
twizzlers in right

whenever he’s on phone
always chewing licorice
must be the law


On Our Balcony


“it isn’t tragic
to die doing what you love”
if it’s doing you

who said that ?
first two lines are from Brooklyn Taxi
in silly haiku

parachutes floating
watch three hovering in clouds
from my balcony

feels like forever
floating side to side for so long
drifting to earth

where did they come from
did they descend from heaven
or was there a plane

and there are four more
plane carrying sign flew by
can’t believe again

half hour later
but men are high above plane
so that isn’t it

coming from white clouds
not knowing how or why
magical parachute

three four and four
why isn’t there a cover charge
heavenly floor show


Lovely Summer Day II

cinnamon liqueur
they offer me a bottle
because they’re happy

no one has tried
to get me drunk since last year
“so why did you buy that”

“because we wanted to
ten bottles five ninety nine”
airline bargain

under the big top
we’ll get drunk and have some laughs
monsoon day drizzle

“we’re not too much
for you are we” no of course not
need to take yoga

daughter tells grandpa
when you’re healed from surgery
one hundred per cent

okay we’re drunk now
laughing about tomatoes
and “butt sandwiches”

reminding me
hebrew national commercial
that part’s not kosher

“ham butt” with no crust
grandpa doesn’t like tomatoes
on sandwiches

because they’re Kroger
you need organic tomatoes
his daughter says

“I brought you up on Kroger”
twelve members of his
family laughing

you have to be here
to know why we’re laughing
think because we are drunk

although i’ve never
been drunk and i’m not now
so i really don’t know

now a commercial
“i brought you up on Kroger”
reading apple juice

“see this label
forty percent less sugar
one hundred percent juice”

wondering if
my grandfathers spoke in haiku
only one and three

grandpa you can
speak in haiku and i will
follow pen in fingers

grandpa knows the moves
looks JUST like Chuck Berry
three granddaughters dancing


Pregnant OCD Dolphin

my pregnant ocd dolphin
gambles on love
all the wrong places

keep your baby in
don’t gamble state lottery
break a dolphin’s heart

who pays for stupid commercials
south carolina

you can’t even watch
a half hour comedy
all four commercials

heartbreaking also
leaving those out we’re trying
to watch comedy

first someone tells you not to feed the dolphin. if i was a dolphin, i would say how dare you sir. how dare you take food from my mouth & my baby.

then, some lady, with a hairdo from 1950, who still lives there, says you shouldn’t play the lottery it’s addictive.
you’re kidding lady? i think we have known that since 1900.
if they are addicted, they aren’t going to be watching you: they are out gambling. and if they are, they need help from a therapist, a psychiatrist, not you. your suggestion will not help. why don’t you spend your money on homeless , feeding poor and taking care of animals.

stupid sociopath mingling ,meddling match company. how dare you say you speak for g-d. prey on dumb people, with your narcissistic advertising dribble. all other match companies are bad. only use us.g-d wants you to only give us your money, because he only tells us who your match should be. WOW.
you know what g-d stopped talking to people 5000 years ago. if you think g-d is talking to you. you need to go directly to a psychiatrist. my blood boils when i hear your ,what should be criminal brainwashing. why are you allowed on tv!
i feel like 99% of the large companies with shareholders are sociopaths, even if they aren’t human.
the humans that run them, often aren’t human: tobacco, cars that kill you, dog food that’s poison …

as for the last commercial ; how many people could you possibly be referring to, 1 % , when you say: “don’t push your delivery date up” . someone do the math. if you know it’s bad, don’t you think the obgyn knows this. i mean i’m just guessing, but a dr. would have to come up with this information, in order for you to know, so why do we need a middleman? don’t you think her dr. can tell her?
of this 1% , how many people don’t have a dr. did you pay money to tell 1/2 of a person, who might be at home watching tv?
should i go back in time, & tell my mother-in-law no. do not let your dr. induce labor so he can go on vacation. i laughed when she told me.

(there was no other dr. the population of this small s.c. town was 500 when i was 18 & this early labor happened ,before i was born).