little b-i-t-c-_

“are you following me” <—–: she
she was playing on the ropes
he was also

"my mom said to play
with you while she studies"<—— : he
"play with THAT little girl " <——- :she

listening haiku
purple floating next to two
remembering hour

she rudely left him
comes back and wants his goggles
then she plays with him

"can i ask you how
do you hold your breath so long
under the water" <—- : he

" i wait til i see
you come up and i hold my
breath one more second" <—– :she

haiku from heaven
cannot believe eight and ten
speaking in haiku

splashing sunglasses
they go to warm baby pool
and leave me in peace

i'm all she has left
"am i the only eight year
old in here right now <—-: she

* 6/10 i knew what this would be named as soon as she asked the little boy rudely if he was following her. he was just sitting on the rope & she was too & i was sitting next to them. and then the nerve , like a little sociopath, she came back from the deep end , because she decided she wanted something from him, his goggles.
they are playing who can drown first & the one time she lost , she blamed him for kicking her.he didn’t , but he barely brushed her. it’s all in the court transcript.

her mother never looked up from texting , until she was ready to go home. ninety nine percent of the time, i wait until the last second to think of a title.

3 thoughts on “little b-i-t-c-_

  1. I liked that you explained this and also, that you could make it fun, despite the little bad girl! It is hard sometimes to be at a poolside and not want to interfere… Smiles, Robin

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