i missed the seminar

for crying out loud
why is everyone backwards
driving me downwards

not anyone here
people who will read this
in the year three thousand

i could make this a haiku
but i don’t want to
was i out that day

this is the pet peeviest, to copy pondering mind’s line of pet peeves.

are people paying someone to tell them to only read someone’s blog six months ago & never read anything they just wrote? maybe a publisher? if i put myself into the mind of the criminal and guess you stand out because you are the lone person.i’m all for reading backwards,when you missed things or you’ve already read what they just wrote or you don’t like what they just wrote…..

here is my free seminar:
why in the world when someone just wrote a poem & they have 2 likes would you go back to february & read that instead.i had at least 50 people who did this & who has
the time to spend 15 minutes going back 6 months waiting for the pages to turn.i quit reading every single person,when they wouldn’t stop.
if they didn’t like it, then okay, but then months later they read it ,so what’s the point..
i’ve had poems sit for 6 weeks with 29 people & when i come back they all of a sudden have 89 likes.
it doesn’t get better with age.it isn’t a fine wine.
(i wait sooo long, when i have so many poems i want to get rid of, but it’s so slow)…

and 97% of the last hundred people who followed do this too & i don’t follow them.i still have more people who will only read backwards than who will read what i just wrote & i can’t keep up with it. and then, you will see them like what someone else just wrote. that really REALLY gets my goat.

seminar part II
when someone writes 700 words a day & they read a post for 15 words:

there is no sin in liking 2 pages of 30 words total.it’s like the like button is made of gold,or something.
i mean heaven forbid you write 2 posts a day. they can only like one, even though they write a million words a day in one post .even if you write 7 poems one day with a total of 120 words, that only take 3 minutes to read.

part III

so many times, i say why i am i killing myself.it’s like you’re an afterthought, but there are so many nice people here, who do care. there are people who always come to read what you write, even when they didn’t. if it weren’t for them, i would think this was just a place for people to like each other for no reason.

if someone clicks follow & doesn’t like anything, when you just wrote something , they never have any intention to ever come back . some intend to give you one like forever.i don’t even look, to be polite, because they have no manners. i have heard some say you must write something brilliant before they look, like they write something brilliant every day.

be good to photographers.they have to read so many words,spend so much time on everyone else.


30 thoughts on “i missed the seminar

  1. This is a great post / rant. I have similar problems with likes / comments to older posts. Although I appreciate the fact that maybe some of my older stuff still has some “legs”, since I don’t have everything I’ve ever written memorized I have to go back and re-read it myself so that I can reply with a somewhat intelligent comment (if necessary). And like you said, many times these same people won’t or just don’t read any of the current stuff. Bizarre yes, but I guess that is just a way of life here on WP. 🙂

    • i know what you mean having to reread it. this is funny, i like when someone i know goes back two years & reads florida hotel tales & then i have to go read it & it’s funny because no one ever read them,when i wrote them. i didn’t know anyone was here for a year.LOL.. but then when i started writing poetry, poets would go read the first two pages & they had no idea there were poems and i never figured out how to fix the blog to show that, b/c it always went to the page from two years ago. one day it just fixed itself.

  2. I write for myself and if people read me – great. If they don’t – okay too.

    With 3,000 plus ‘followers’ – I can’t visit all. Therefore, when someone ticks like, I make it a point to return visit. If someone posts a comment, I make it a point to return visit and seek out one of their posts that I would like to comment on – and do so.

    • yes you have 3000+ followers: you hardly have time to go back 6 months to like something of every person who does that to you.
      i’ve spent weeks reading their last post & then when i write, they go back a year or 2 sometimes, every single time.

  3. Heh. Thanks for the wry and honest seminar–I thought it was just me :). Re: your pet peeve, I do think some people go back into the deep archives because something there draws them or WP lists some oldies on the lil’ note they send to notify us of a “like” and suggest checking out that blogger. I am baffled by the number of folks who now “follow” without ever reading anything…and yet the number of “followers” is still touted as some indicator of success–er, maybe that IS only me. TOTALLY agree on the 700 words (or more) a day writers vs. the less frequent and more succinct ones AND the golden like button! But most important, love all the sweet and supportive folks here on WP, like you, who make it feel like a community for me. Thank you. Rock on, my friend! xoxo

  4. Intriguing writing in this blog, I think followers of a site have their own personal pattern of following blogs, personally all my friends blogs are received by me in an email, they do tend to accumulate especially with profuse bloggers. Time does not permit to read them all at one sitting, this can be moreso with some bloggers with many hundreds of followers.
    I go through my email posts from the oldest to the latest at my liesure, that way I give my friends the courtesy of either a comment or a like to demonstrate my visit, admittedly some blogs do not get a comment, either they are trivial day to day activities that are out of date, but a like still shows the courtesy of my visit.
    Then there are the professional bloggers who blog profusely, these are mostly the like collectors, they want your like of approval and yet seldom if ever, take time out to read, comment or like your postings, these are the bloggers who lose followers over time, they forget that WordPress is actually about sharing.
    I actually do not appreciate followers who do not have literary courtesy, by all means if someones blogs are not to the liking then its acceptable to not follow that site.
    Blogging on WordPress is a two way street,sharing and accepting.
    A very insightful blog Erinspelling
    Aussie Ian

  5. I understand where you’re coming from. And, like you, I’m still trying to figure out this blog business — how people read through blogs, and what exactly they do read, etc. If you find the answer, please let me know! 🙂

  6. I don’t understand. I just read and sometimes I like. Occasionally I comment. I don’t know why it means so much that it is done in a particular way. I get sad when stuff I wrote when the blog was new is gone and forgotten, so I get a kick out of resurrecting it, or finding some gem from a couple of years ago that someone wrote that I just started following.

    WP suggests similar posts beneath a post regardless of how old they are so it’s easy to see that you can get there without much digging. Either way it is appreciation and I wouldn’t want someone to star something that really didn’t mean anything to them, you know? I’d rather know what they really like.

      • Well I’m glad you said how it made you feel but now I’m paranoid about everyone that I did that to! Well you have a great blog so don’t be worried 🙂 you have a lot to say and you’re saying it

      • don’t be paranoid..thank-you… i remember when i wrote that , that same day a whole bunch of people were going backwards …it’s so hard , there are like 50 people who do that ,after they follow you & i can’t even see down that far on the page.

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