There is no better place

heaven’s a place
we made up to make ourselves
feel better when loves die

when we are in pain
we ask g-d to please help me
win basketball game

thank for lottery
free will is not the answer
serial killer

baby born one eye
every second something bad
it is NOT his way

he would not allow
terrible murder disease
suffering earthquakes

starving stoning sword
famine sorrow tsunami
EVIL hurricane

NOT every second
for millions of years
twenty four seven NO WAY

g-d is HE
from time immemorial
because men controlled the world

men made up HE
to make everyone feel better
about all the bad

and please don’t worry
about death because of course

make the world best it can be

to control to teach people
to do what is right

Instead of parents
Instead of kind role models
a way to murder

for thousands of years
my religion is better than yours
you must die

next time you almost die
and you say thank you g-d
stop and catch yourself

YOU have no time
for one person why in the world
am i thanking you

how much longer
must i suffer
another thirty three years i can’t

how long must i cough
(only bad ever happens)
twenty hours a day

terrible pain
eleven cars cfids MOLD lyme

suffer fifteen years
every second of my life
just from the toxins

supposed to kill you
slow agonizing death

why on TOP
would you give me millions of problems
no way to resolve

never ending chaos
SOMETHING GOOD will happen
what i always say

there is NOTHING good
could ever make up for all
pain and misery

why not kill me
after the 4th salmonella
or the first car wreck

people say you are
so lucky eleven times
you are still alive

“you’re too pretty
to be so ill” or “you are too young
to be so ill”

“you are the nicest
person in the world”
my chiropractors would say

nice has never done anything
but destroy my life

lose everything
nice only begets sociopath
no repayment

RELIGION is used
a way to explain evil
and this makes me mad

there is NO DEVIL
instead of stopping the bad
we just accept this!

as of this second
believe the ten commandments
parents religion

always do good and
destroy evil til it’s death
build more prisons

let innocent out
change laws to put bad away
one stone you are out

never hit children
you don’t know which ones
will become sociopaths

if no religion
no war going on right now
never a hitler

many horrible things
would never have happened
millions more alive

12 thoughts on “There is no better place

  1. I rarely like to mention God in my posts, for exactly the reasons you …. I usually talk of Mother Nature, Zen, a Higher Being, or just Faith. I mentioned a few things about God on my past Sunday post, mainly because it seems only fair to let others know about Maya Angelou’s less familiar poem and also, to help people feel good on their day off. I am more like you, in my anger at bad things happening to good people, babies and children getting maimed, raped, or killed. Just no fairness or way to explain those terrible and random things. Evil, devil or just man’s bad side? I definitely was shocked today, in the news to hear that the Ku Klux Klan is still ‘alive and well’ in the South. They had two of their police force fired but then on their website, in some little po-dink town, they were bragging of all the professionals that are in this horrible group. When I heard the radio announcer saying, “I cannot believe this is still going on,” I agreed. But then I sigh, I shed an inner tear, there are so many ignorant, hateful people in this world! Thanks for the fun part of this poem, you may wish to edit this, no problem! I don’t get on my email anymore, so many wordpress notices and advertisements! If you ever want to reach me, let me know and then I will try to look for your emails. We used to do that once in awhile! Smiles, Robin

    • thank-you for saying i can edit. i had to take six words away from the first sentence.i don’t usually’s always complicated and don’t try to understand, but i was saying i am not a fan of people who invented him.
      i just read about the ku klux klan officers in florida & i started to write about corrupt female police officers in maryland, i knew & uncaring officers in orlando, but wrote this instead.
      yes the ku klux klan is here & florida . i thought the no good were everywhere, but S.C. is one of the most backwards states in the country & i can say that. i ‘m from here even when i lived in arlington & maryland , I lived in s.c. at the same time.
      i swore i would never come back & idiot i am , i’m here with the KKK, white supremacists and idiots who are allowed to smoke everywhere you breathe, unlike most every other state.
      but, anyone from N.J. that comes to s.c. will tell you the people are wonderfullllly nice & you can’t beat the weather.

      also in florida with the KKK, & nazis , in & around orlando , 1700 gang members & they do things like send little children to pretend they are lost. ask you to take them home, but you go to a building and a gang rapes the person.

  2. There is a great deal of truth in this piece. Were it not for religion much of the war and violence in general would cease to exist. Man does use it as a way of explaining, or should I say, not explaining the reasons behind all of the bad in the world. They can just say that it is “God’s will” and avoid going into any details or even giving it a second thought. Well said my friend.

  3. Errin, I’ve enjoyed your poetry for some time now, and still do. This one I get, as I’ve had many of these conversations with myself and others about the co-existence of an all-loving God and the causes of suffering. How can it be? I’d like to share some recent thoughts on this that I had yesterday, before reading your poem. As YouTube’s answer YouTube’s, I’ll try to compose a partial, non-absolute, finite set of my handholds on the cave wall in verse to add to yours above. Here goes..

    Primordial, stones
    warring humanity
    edgy and piercing
    not alone
    roles or unity blown
    Vie, guard, and run
    survival, nature’s gun
    mercy fell, men sobbed
    mothers wailed
    worst – protectors failed
    lost lambs, life as hell
    internal harmony
    painful schools
    of relationship
    no brands, no shelves
    just two under branches
    cooperate or endanger
    who should fight
    the predator strangers?
    wisdom and invention
    tag team to save
    but strife ruins all
    together we rise
    apart we fall
    Where is God?
    Does He hear at all?
    Conceiving the idea
    do we reflect or project?
    Does He project us?
    Is His suffering our suffering?
    Is all knowing
    all interfering?
    Is all powerful
    all controlling?
    Is all loving
    all smothering?
    See ahead: we are dead
    Beyond death
    we know not
    hope conceived
    hearts relieved
    but why leave?
    Speech echoes
    as if words empty us
    Silence connects
    Not like speech
    So fallen, suspect.
    in Wordless sounds
    healing fount found
    Listening, perceiving
    Guides of heaven
    may as well ask:
    natural causes —
    are they God’s wrath?
    Is God to blame?
    is death the same
    as feelings about it?
    Either way
    Many say
    He came to pay
    Taking the sentence
    Accepting the accusation
    that existence was, is, and…
    shall always be
    the bad and the Good
    His fault – and die He did
    Doing what we will too
    Before we ever would or could
    to make a hole from here to there
    a black hole mysterious, blinding
    a reversal, new Genesis not flood
    time, space, all negotiable
    eternal life to learn to be sociable…
    Useful this death, and its afterlife
    to controllers, governors, and usurpers
    using what would comfort all
    to control who goes first and when
    who gets what and who has sinned
    ill-favored wielding blood-inked pens
    cowards in finery
    cowards in revolution
    cowards in ideology
    cowards too weak to suffer
    imposing it on others
    accusing and shaming
    always others, never oneself.
    Deceit meet entropy
    misunderstanding and
    sprinkled over time’s
    annoying clock
    for rigid arms cannot hold
    women, children, men
    first and last ensconce
    the original innocents
    replayed from every birth
    as their parents ask in quiet
    “Why am I like this?”
    “Why can’t I be perfect for my children?”
    God knows this feeling but quits not
    Despair flops about
    Faith finds a way out
    a path of believing
    we can know more
    wisdom the source
    of the youthful shout
    regardless our age
    a reason to engage
    what life actually is
    not what we think about it
    or feel about it
    for such deprecations
    would claim godhood
    absoluteness of one
    fiat of individualism
    deaf to the Silence
    the language of He
    whose Capital Punishment
    in sorrow was grieved
    until He leave
    not in disgust or anger
    but in Light and Love
    for God With Us
    Love among us
    the Divine lets us be
    To throw-in and Redeem
    All we’d thought lost
    At no cost, for no price tag
    no news rag, no empire flag
    no pain jab, no mourning sag
    lasts beyond death into the
    Infinite peace
    Nor are artificial separations
    from harmonious forever
    (sometimes named religions)
    anything to do with God
    Holy Wisdom breathes
    Life ever free in harmony
    with the Infinite Seasons of

    –all the best,
    Mike W.

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