Lovely Summer Day II

cinnamon liqueur
they offer me a bottle
because they’re happy

no one has tried
to get me drunk since last year
“so why did you buy that”

“because we wanted to
ten bottles five ninety nine”
airline bargain

under the big top
we’ll get drunk and have some laughs
monsoon day drizzle

“we’re not too much
for you are we” no of course not
need to take yoga

daughter tells grandpa
when you’re healed from surgery
one hundred per cent

okay we’re drunk now
laughing about tomatoes
and “butt sandwiches”

reminding me
hebrew national commercial
that part’s not kosher

“ham butt” with no crust
grandpa doesn’t like tomatoes
on sandwiches

because they’re Kroger
you need organic tomatoes
his daughter says

“I brought you up on Kroger”
twelve members of his
family laughing

you have to be here
to know why we’re laughing
think because we are drunk

although i’ve never
been drunk and i’m not now
so i really don’t know

now a commercial
“i brought you up on Kroger”
reading apple juice

“see this label
forty percent less sugar
one hundred percent juice”

wondering if
my grandfathers spoke in haiku
only one and three

grandpa you can
speak in haiku and i will
follow pen in fingers

grandpa knows the moves
looks JUST like Chuck Berry
three granddaughters dancing


1 thought on “Lovely Summer Day II

  1. Hamas rockets are being intercepted on the way. The only hope for peace is good will and understanding by both Arabs and Israelis – otherwise instability, inhumanity and chaos.

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