pelicans prefer pecan pie

pairing pelicans
flying high to their love nest
glide over palm trees

kite flies above birds
” we’re gonna last forever ”
” best days of our life ”

want to jump the fence
see how the other half lives
he’ll bring back pictures

taste better nibbles
cabanas like Burn Notice
musical daylight

giant chess pieces
middle of saltwater pool
as tall as i am

on the oceanfront
six thousand dollars a week
princes send camels

south bound wagon wheels
things that you can do without
” any way you feel ”

let me count the ways
we don’t like country music
don’t ” rock me mamma ”

billy jean rocks you
” forty days and forty nights ”
M J white glove test

” stop and eat your hamburger
that’s what’s the matter with you
you’re hungry ”

as the rain pours down
in seventeen syllables
grandmother speaking

” Jake eat the burger
and then we will go dive in ”
silly little prune

the pool is like glass
they made a break for it
i have an umbrella

only passenger
gentleman dries red golf cart
your carriage awaits


There is no better place

heaven’s a place
we made up to make ourselves
feel better when loves die

when we are in pain
we ask g-d to please help me
win basketball game

thank for lottery
free will is not the answer
serial killer

baby born one eye
every second something bad
it is NOT his way

he would not allow
terrible murder disease
suffering earthquakes

starving stoning sword
famine sorrow tsunami
EVIL hurricane

NOT every second
for millions of years
twenty four seven NO WAY

g-d is HE
from time immemorial
because men controlled the world

men made up HE
to make everyone feel better
about all the bad

and please don’t worry
about death because of course

make the world best it can be

to control to teach people
to do what is right

Instead of parents
Instead of kind role models
a way to murder

for thousands of years
my religion is better than yours
you must die

next time you almost die
and you say thank you g-d
stop and catch yourself

YOU have no time
for one person why in the world
am i thanking you

how much longer
must i suffer
another thirty three years i can’t

how long must i cough
(only bad ever happens)
twenty hours a day

terrible pain
eleven cars cfids MOLD lyme

suffer fifteen years
every second of my life
just from the toxins

supposed to kill you
slow agonizing death

why on TOP
would you give me millions of problems
no way to resolve

never ending chaos
SOMETHING GOOD will happen
what i always say

there is NOTHING good
could ever make up for all
pain and misery

why not kill me
after the 4th salmonella
or the first car wreck

people say you are
so lucky eleven times
you are still alive

“you’re too pretty
to be so ill” or “you are too young
to be so ill”

“you are the nicest
person in the world”
my chiropractors would say

nice has never done anything
but destroy my life

lose everything
nice only begets sociopath
no repayment

RELIGION is used
a way to explain evil
and this makes me mad

there is NO DEVIL
instead of stopping the bad
we just accept this!

as of this second
believe the ten commandments
parents religion

always do good and
destroy evil til it’s death
build more prisons

let innocent out
change laws to put bad away
one stone you are out

never hit children
you don’t know which ones
will become sociopaths

if no religion
no war going on right now
never a hitler

many horrible things
would never have happened
millions more alive

seaside feng shui

“walk it by yourself”
to the left and the right
sugar bear’s too tired

feng shui little boy
rearranging furniture
half size of my chair

what strength you have
tiny three year old moving every
chair except mine

everyone with their hat
feeling like i’m at the
kentucky derby

men charleston chapeau
women wear giant straw hats
pink over forty

my father always
“don’t you need a little hat”
well maybe i do

winter and summer
seven to thirty six years
i’m not starting now

even though last year
someone gave me a gift hat
rather have gift horse

large owner’s closet
someone left me new dog bowls
and a brand new leash

but there was no dog
looked everywhere for puppy
not one to be found

are you buying
someone else’s troubles when you buy
furnished condo

not like an old car
only problem getting rid of theirs
bring in yours

saxophone calling
“we’re in this world together”
come float with music

once i bought a hat
went to orthodox synagogue
rabbi said no

you want to marry?
no i certainly do not
i was just divorced

only married women wear hats
i’m conservative

of course not with hats
i purposely bought that hat
wear to orthodox

men and women can’t
sit together because men
can’t control themselves?

oh the mishegas
if i couldn’t sit with my
mother and father!

i would shoot myself
thank goodness born when i was
feel tallis tassels

orthodox parents
basically that’s all there was
when they were little

luckily they grew up
across the street from each other
in greenville

holding hands services
in the sixties after
conservative built

twenty years marriage
then they’re allowed to sit
together services

but not very long
only thirty nine years
til death destroys numbers

haiku hushpuppy

lizard gazing through
you have nothing to fear from me
tiny fellow

save your fear for bird
you hide from him then you run
to catch up with him

haiku hushpuppy
i only wanted six
they gave me seventeen

bird bee me
equidistant fence cement pool
they don’t tell me stories

when birds and bees meet
they’re supposed to talk about
the birds and the bees

solo clear blue pool
she has never sung before
and forgot the words

“don’t worry be happy”
twice the size of other pools
warm pool cool wind

middle name worry
entire pool audience
splash yourself clapping

hardee’s hamburgers
charcoal broiled burgers hot dogs
saltwater fragrance

you can see the wind
blowing the smoke in the
opposite direction

yet entire pool
smells like hardee’s hamburgers
superhuman sense

three footlong hot dogs
taking up most of the space
in my mind and grill


i missed the seminar

for crying out loud
why is everyone backwards
driving me downwards

not anyone here
people who will read this
in the year three thousand

i could make this a haiku
but i don’t want to
was i out that day

this is the pet peeviest, to copy pondering mind’s line of pet peeves.

are people paying someone to tell them to only read someone’s blog six months ago & never read anything they just wrote? maybe a publisher? if i put myself into the mind of the criminal and guess you stand out because you are the lone person.i’m all for reading backwards,when you missed things or you’ve already read what they just wrote or you don’t like what they just wrote…..

here is my free seminar:
why in the world when someone just wrote a poem & they have 2 likes would you go back to february & read that instead.i had at least 50 people who did this & who has
the time to spend 15 minutes going back 6 months waiting for the pages to turn.i quit reading every single person,when they wouldn’t stop.
if they didn’t like it, then okay, but then months later they read it ,so what’s the point..
i’ve had poems sit for 6 weeks with 29 people & when i come back they all of a sudden have 89 likes.
it doesn’t get better with isn’t a fine wine.
(i wait sooo long, when i have so many poems i want to get rid of, but it’s so slow)…

and 97% of the last hundred people who followed do this too & i don’t follow them.i still have more people who will only read backwards than who will read what i just wrote & i can’t keep up with it. and then, you will see them like what someone else just wrote. that really REALLY gets my goat.

seminar part II
when someone writes 700 words a day & they read a post for 15 words:

there is no sin in liking 2 pages of 30 words’s like the like button is made of gold,or something.
i mean heaven forbid you write 2 posts a day. they can only like one, even though they write a million words a day in one post .even if you write 7 poems one day with a total of 120 words, that only take 3 minutes to read.

part III

so many times, i say why i am i killing’s like you’re an afterthought, but there are so many nice people here, who do care. there are people who always come to read what you write, even when they didn’t. if it weren’t for them, i would think this was just a place for people to like each other for no reason.

if someone clicks follow & doesn’t like anything, when you just wrote something , they never have any intention to ever come back . some intend to give you one like forever.i don’t even look, to be polite, because they have no manners. i have heard some say you must write something brilliant before they look, like they write something brilliant every day.

be good to photographers.they have to read so many words,spend so much time on everyone else.


summer kites champagne raccoons

red and blue circles
intertwining kite tails
circle each other

pirate voyage plane
too much action in the sky
flying above kite

parasailers float
“hot blooded check it and see”
playing hotel left

twin banana boats
do not stand between the signs
exit or enter

you are too cruel
if you play ” don’t be cruel”
again carolina girl

hot donna summer left
right side “don’t be cruel”
yesterday’s choices

donna summer wins
we “celebrated the times”
didn’t “back it up”

champagne five raccoons
will not celebrate on my
roof top anymore

nor hurricanes
entering through the baseball diamond
cutout in roof

bright green bobblehead
lizard bobbing head three times
every step he takes

chase your peanut butter
crackers with pretzel rod
nice hawaiian punch

Blue Jay

standing top pool shed
bossing me around
i don’t know what you’re saying

(lizard’s first appearance
since he was a baby
dancing poet mate

knowing three lizards
they’re all different colors
so we don’t get confused)

little b-i-t-c-_

“are you following me” <—–: she
she was playing on the ropes
he was also

"my mom said to play
with you while she studies"<—— : he
"play with THAT little girl " <——- :she

listening haiku
purple floating next to two
remembering hour

she rudely left him
comes back and wants his goggles
then she plays with him

"can i ask you how
do you hold your breath so long
under the water" <—- : he

" i wait til i see
you come up and i hold my
breath one more second" <—– :she

haiku from heaven
cannot believe eight and ten
speaking in haiku

splashing sunglasses
they go to warm baby pool
and leave me in peace

i'm all she has left
"am i the only eight year
old in here right now <—-: she

* 6/10 i knew what this would be named as soon as she asked the little boy rudely if he was following her. he was just sitting on the rope & she was too & i was sitting next to them. and then the nerve , like a little sociopath, she came back from the deep end , because she decided she wanted something from him, his goggles.
they are playing who can drown first & the one time she lost , she blamed him for kicking her.he didn’t , but he barely brushed her. it’s all in the court transcript.

her mother never looked up from texting , until she was ready to go home. ninety nine percent of the time, i wait until the last second to think of a title.