Conversations Overheard While Riding the Internet

Implied Spaces

“I am a human being!”
Mr. J. was thinking, “I’m a man who has zero interest in crime and I hope you are in.”

When I was seven years old,
I was in love with the number seven and redheads.


It will be interesting to see the tattoos.
I love it!            

They tattooed the walls

With their tears – remembering

childhood dreams breaking,

falling on damp ground,

like sad voices left by trains.

“Gee, Mayor Elliott, 40 years ago,
there was no shortage of steps that could be taken.

Those were the lyrics of his song and dance routine.

It is important, but at this point, as the film is playing
and the phone just started ringing, I would hope you remembered to check on the puppies.

Eighty years later, we get tattoos on the walls.
Eight years later, “The Tattoo Against Walls” was a big hit world…

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4 thoughts on “Conversations Overheard While Riding the Internet

      • Thanks so much for both your kind comments & the re-blog To clarify the process of composing this piece, I put your sequence & portions of the sequence through Google translate multiple times, 😀 I then would return to the English form and and and modify components as certain elements stared repeating . I then used the narrative through lines to create series of over-lapping conversations with haiku commentary.

        Our communication is broken with implied spaces , ironies & interruptions. For example, in the midst posting this reply, our eldest cat coughed up a hair ball and lots of other stuff on the front landing – had to drag the the mat out to clean it ( I did, not the cat). I returned to complete this reply and the youngest cat came in looking for reassurance & a tummy rub ( helps the digestion – of the cat, not me).
        Many thanks. Love your blog. 🙂

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