secret service ducks

secret service ducks
surrounding me on all sides
laughing yet afraid

would like soft sunbeam
southern ducks call this white bread
couldn’t be closer

mallard tickles your ankles
please throw us the dough

half a loaf of bread
my twenty secret service
still following me

beginning in pond
underhanded pitching fowl
not good at baseball

realize and surround
when everything is gone
they will not leave my sides

a circle of trust
like the fockers but literal
obama men

you guys take your job
so seriously you should
work for president

palms show ducks no more
they will not leave my back
following two inches

fly back in the pond
follow me single file
from top of the water

perhaps a cooter
they think a lone turtle
or his gang stage hold up

come to think by sea
promised an answer sunday
buy tennis villa

“where will i go
what will become of me”
need scarlett o’hara

having entire
pool and large ocean to myself
so i shall think


9 thoughts on “secret service ducks

  1. The Canadian Geese leave a mess, but they know how to stand on guard for thee & their nest. πŸ˜€

    Mind you, the last incident, involved a drunk guy walking into the Liberal Party’s leader’s home by mistake, and then trying to leave a message that they should lock the doors. Used some kitchen knives to point out the message and ended up scaring everybody – only in Canada, eh. πŸ˜‰

  2. Wow, some pretty heavy interpretations in those words errinspelling.
    I can understand the political overtones.
    Well written girl, you certainly have a way with words.
    Emu aka Ian

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