united arab emirates din-din


brigadier general
please join me for dinner
i have a boyfriend

usual answer
was not going to work here
only jewish men

he gave me his card
with a million phone digits
telling me please call

come to my country
picturing queen esther
or kidnapped forever

thinking this funny
male jewish friend said
that i should have gone with him

a twenty course meal
can’t miss wonderful dinner
“i can buy my own”

if i can’t go
to dinner with you how can
i come to your country



10 thoughts on “united arab emirates din-din

  1. Nice poem, different cultures,but I got the idea! If you can´t go to dinner with him and not go to his country there is always a way to send you the dinner through FEDEX and at the same time you can skype and see each other………could be a good thought though.

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