cascading crabs

underneath bubbles
adorable tiny threes
black speckle middle

hundreds swim along
floating one inch mother crab
babies sparkle back

in a cloud of salt
mothers are less than one inch
millions arc starfish

point in blue waters
polite teeny tiny crabs
one eighth of an inch

eensy bit deeper
paramecium appear
linking friendly arms

holding each other
fateful challenges of sea
over red rover

facing north look right
long symmetrical bodies
bonding forever

a bubble pops
fusing together as twins
every shape in the world

then you will realize
not only at this point
but every place you step

billions and billions
every spot along shore line
not one tickles you

they are too tiny
too large for words but
too tiny to tickle toes

almost translucent
have to know what you’re looking for


4 thoughts on “cascading crabs

  1. This is beautiful. And this is the true, the genuine thing. Accept no substitutes! Those last four stanzas take the whole poem and demonstrate its brilliance.


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