oh vending machine


last september
what do you want from me
everything i try.

first day dollar bill
potato chip change only
see you tomorrow.

i have six quarters
choosy potato chips now
saying dollar bill.

day three i have both
are you playing games with me?
you don’t want either?

try again august
eight dollar bills liking two
after ten tries.

lady watches me
gave up second attempt
Pink Floyd

“money , get away
grab that cash with both hands
and make a stash”

every day of life
do A should have done B.
and if you do B,
A’s what you should have done .
and if you do both
it’s still wrong.

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10 thoughts on “oh vending machine

  1. Such an amazing poem, had to re-read it a few times. I banned “should have” from my vocabulary long time ago, because every day of my life, I was being told I should do this or I should do that. Until I finally decided I should do nothing at all. I could do whatever I choose. Thanks for being across my blog Passion through Poetry, good to meet you!

    • well you are very smart. someone had to tell me, only 3 years ago, a dr said how old are you ,i said 98 & she said then you are old enough to do what you want. but, no one will listen to me, when i tell my brother & lawyers.they think i have to do what they want.

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