raccoons camouflage rain


one day raccoon
will ask for piggyback ride
as he falls from oak tree

helicopter insect
glass pool ceiling mirrors
exact craft in sky

day after i wish
be invisible like henry game
it happens

first woman stops
exiting elevator
prevents four entering

then security
tells older couple behind
he’s locking the gate

hello hello sir
i must be invisible
black from glass to toe

waving frantically
only three people total
raining, please second

“all the time you need”
a minute ago a ghost
need a darker tan

“ottie trees a coon”
this his mother tells us
umbrella blocking view

he means business
too important to talk to me
barking up a storm

drizzling almost ends
his tail curls up happily
mother said say hi

he will not listen
i am truly camelflauged
he does not see me



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