selfie, scotch & lizard


“there goes selfie
you know who I’m talking about”
posing with her camera

green anode lizard
playing marco polo with me
for four weeks now

hope you are alright
petsmart will give us your twin
for seven fifty

swirling in your head
you can feel the vitamins
milk chocolate atkins

there’s butterscotch
scotch magic tape scotch on the rocks
and love on the rocks

jumps from bench to lounge
chirp whack o molE’ has forgotten
how to fly

he did it again
but this time he looks at me
first before he leaps

now he’s contemplating
jumping into the pool
potato chip thirst

you can put yourself
into mind of animals
know their desires

I’m “sending out
an SOS to you” my favorite
lizard mate



can two grown homes
live together in a third dwelling
that’s the question

will not be able
to reach the computer
on top of the Ice Box)



p.s. last email ” we will be there between 12-2 tomorrow. we could not fit everything on the truck. (uhoh – large 18 wheeler -major moving company) we had to leave a table & 30 boxes behind, but will bring them after the holidays…

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