generals want your pictures

find you in playboy
and if that’s not bad enough
money goes to him

this is really a question or a public service announcement,interrupting summer. it really is summer in some countries, i keep reading. no one ever told me this before.if it’s true , i want to go there.but this is about generals at skype who want to talk to strangers and steal your pictures.

for two years, i wonder why strangers want to talk to someone they don’t know. i don’t want to be rude & hurt their feelings and click not accept, so i do nothing.i just figured they were people trying to sell something.

then a few days ago it said general so & so wants to talk to you & here is my email ,please accept.this was the second general. i wrote my birthday was in 1915,a year ago, thinking men would stop doing this,if they can see you are 99 years old, but it never stops.

so, last night i decided to google the name & see if it says they are selling stock in general dynamics or something & this is what i find: someone is using general x’s name and they would like to get you away from your skype account and talk to them somewhere else , while they steal your pictures.

OHHH..not that i understood, but someone did steal my pictures, without me ever leaving ,without ever talking to a stranger ,possibly a year ago. i was always hearing the sound of pictures leaving & i assumed it had to be 1 of 2 people , because no one else could. or the hacker,took them. Two asked me for a picture and i said you didn’t take 1700,teasing him, because i knew who took them, i thought.. he said no: why would i ask you . i said ,teasing again, i was trying to get into the mind of the criminal. he didn’t laugh …..

there were never 1700. some appear 25 or 50 times each. every time, you click the photo it lists the photograph again , as a new number.

don’t talk to strangers
they may take your photographs
not give you candy


29 thoughts on “generals want your pictures

  1. So naturally this leads to the question;
    If somebody ‘took’ your pictures, unconsented of course, from where did you originally happen across them?
    Did you also ‘take’ the photos or did you make them?
    This is an obvious, highly irritating, question of art.
    I am sorry to hear you were hacked.
    I would hack their fucking legs off if I found the bastards
    :, (

  2. Like my Daddy always said to my Aunt Bertha, “Never skip out on Skype cause if you do a guy named Skip might snip your skits and your snaps.” Generals want to talk to you, eh? All I ever get are Sheriff’s Police wanting to serve me with restraining orders. I’m unlucky like that, I guess.

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