lovely day III Jay 2


we travel first class
in the cockpit or by sea
like barbara streisand

happy on liquor
she was in her element
grandmother speaking

this is the best part
they were at the mayflower
breakfast in d.c.

grandma kept seeing
people with children leaving
she did not know why

thought this a buffet
no one looked at the menu
seventy five bucks

we are all laughing
he told grandma to take
the entire cheesecake

he asked me
“don’t you think that’s too much”
of course two thousand and fourteen

buffet to die for
ritz carlton only fifty
but please do not die

and then one day
grandpa wanted to get jay 2
tickets for his son

the guy at the box office
said we don’t have any
jay 2 tickets

thought trey liked jay two
only the box office said
we only have Z



9 thoughts on “lovely day III Jay 2

  1. It amused me to read about all of this, some of it Jay and then add a Z…. Did you know that in the second “Back to the Future” they are talking about 2015? I have not been able to get it out of the library since someone else must have put a run on it. I could just imagine your playful spin on this fact… Happy New Year, E.S.

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