2/7-2/9- Chiang Mai

my lovely niece , elephant and tiger cubs

Return Address: Earth

Well, I am officially in love with Chiang Mai, if only because I got to play with three tiger cubs and one lion cub while there.

After we booked a few tours for the next day, Chris and I explored the Chiang Mai museum and Three Kings Monument, which celebrates the three kings who together established the city of Chiang Mai. The museum detailed Chiang Mai’s history, and how it became part of present-day Thailand.  We then visited three of the city’s Wats, where we got to learn the story of Buddha’s life through a Wat’s murals (and a guide provided to us by a monk).

We went to the walking market, where we immediately understood why it is called a “walking” market- it goes on forever. And ever. And ever. It begins at the Three Kings Monument, where students ranging from, I would guess, 7-20 years old, performed.  We…

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