just arrived paradise,almost left hard way


“i haven’t done
anything yet and it’s already
awesome” daddy

please do not reserve
south pool chairs with your towel
they will be removed

and then what happens
when you give towels back
you find who guilty are

how embarrassing
lady in powder room tells me
have a nice trip

where am i going
do i have too many bags
i’m already here

“you can either
sit here with us or wear this
and go in the water”

he’s sitting here with us
“nothing to eat today”
“three bowls cereal”

isn’t that something
apparently cereal
isn’t really food

black cowboy boots
blue swim trunks and blue t shirt
will have funny tan lines

had to run away
why do idiots think it’s
alright to smoke here

can’t they sit
in their stupid chair normal people
it doesn’t bother

if only looks could kill
like my chiropractor’s wife
she has the best

the third time
he ran over here he put it out
perfecting my look

straw or cigarette
a game i must play too often
not a fun game

masochist woman
tattoos everywhere bikini
does not cover

ringo’s sister
her hair was bright red last year
for some reason black now

idiot round four
this may be the last haiku
giving him the pool

perhaps choke to death
and my poem blew away when
i threw it and ran

tell’s me it’s alright
idiot facing ocean
and i behind him

what the heck way
do you think the wind is blowing
open your eyes man

you moved from two feet
on my left to two feet on my right
no difference

“it’s getting hot in here
so take off all your clothes”
don’t think that will help


14 thoughts on “just arrived paradise,almost left hard way

  1. Eagle Pond Farm

    October in New Hampshire means colored leaves for kicking.
    Donald kicks a few heading into town for cheese.
    He notices that the antique dealer, once again, announced
    The coming of winter by changing his sign. It now reads:
    “Driveways Plowed, Reasonable Rates.” The type of
    De-evolution Donald appreciates.

    Standard time ensures contrast, as autumn’s last bonfire
    Sends a leaf-shaped spark into the air.
    A simple way of life is free to walk around without inspection:
    So Donald does. He checks out of Najur’s General Store
    With Gouda and N.Y. Sharp Cheddar tucked away.
    He climbs up the knoll then down the driveway to the farm.
    He kicks a pinecone to the safety of the woods.
    He exhales steam that quickly disappears.
    He can almost see ice forming on the pond.

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