haiku television eighteen super bowl sunday

“i don’t want to
seem dramatic but today
has been suboptimal”

andre braugher brooklyn 9-9

you went from Homicide
bottom of the ocean
in a submarine

but you’re back baby
funnier than everyone
you’re stealing the show


“then he told me
he was worth more dead than alive
to his family”

can someone tell us
how they always have time
to sit down to dinner

Blue Bloods

“i don’t think this warrant
is legit because it’s signed
by judge judy”

“i’m not looking
for a decent human being
but a good doctor”

The Closer

At 10:00 EST

show of hands
how many turned on the superbowl
to watch the blacklist

” even the blacklist
couldn’t have as many twists and turns

Some Guy On NBC


“do me a favor
if you don’t need to be in here
don’t be in here”

Law and Order

“Hogette is gonna
marry the taxidermist
who sewed up her head”

Ernest T Bass / Andy Griffith


4 thoughts on “haiku television eighteen super bowl sunday

  1. I enjoy “Brooklyn 99” and also wonder, as you mentioned, about Sunday dinners at the home of the Blue Bloods family. I do like this part, while my Mom Loves this part of the show. She turns it up and says it makes her happy to remember our family dinners. So, do you ever watch “New Girl” or “The Mindy Project?” I laugh because I do feel Zoey Deschanel would make a fun teacher, but really laugh since Mindy could not be a gynecologist, with all of her carrying on, but I do admire her spunk. I would be like her, if I were still in the dating world more often… smiles!

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