spinning so dizzy

spending millions
father’s money
former betrothed
after pretending
he sold our office
to a doctor
who couldn’t pay

try to put yourself
into the mind of the sociopath
go to google
even though all i ever
get from google
is a headache
because i never guess the right words
required to search
former husband forever
started a business
teaching doctors
how to make money
board of examiners
he makes the laws
how doctors can keep more money
sociopaths are good at seminars
then i find a facebook page
listing three credentials
in tiny writing
and simply
my favorite book
by joel osteen
i declare
31 promises
my mouth is still open
so confusing
why would a jewish man
list this
ah seminars
public speaking
making billions
how to be believable

i don’t understand
how a person
who steals millions
and is now doing seminars
telling doctors how to make even more money
could be so dumb
as to lose our office
he isn’t

i do not have
the sense of my attorneys
so how do i know this
and why don’t they
maybe they do
and it would just cost too much
to hire forensic accountants
to catch him

after all
kevin trudeau is still selling
pills and creams
that make you live forever
he makes millions
and puts everything
in his girlfriend’s name
so she will go down

he was in prison
he’s a sociopath
yet people hire him
for commercials
i guess corporations
want liars
people believe this guy
who do not know any better
not sixty minutes
he is like the movie
the other woman
i only hope
he goes to prison
and not his college girlfriend

until then i will figure out
why my jewish husband
lists his favorite book
a christian book
larger than life
so large it’s almost all you see
they do look alike
even when they charismatically speak
is he a better speaker
you can make billions too
he isn’t changing his religion
that much i know

“i’m so dizzy
my head is spinning like a whirlpool
that never ends”

when i check to see if i spelled his name correctly, google said trudeau is in prison or was sentenced to 10 years ,last march.
words from roseanne rosannannadanna: “never mind”.
happy dance for trudeau being in prison, but what is the purpose ,if his commercials are still airing.