who’s on vacation ,who’s from out of town

orange bikini
doing the breast stroke
her husband in orange shorts

their father’s towel
bright orange also
my least favorite color

disliked since small child
loving fresh orange juice
but not loving the hives

every vacation
until you were twenty eight
and not knowing why

segway into
mr. who’s on vacation
who’s from out of town here

only ten people
but he’s going to give us
a really big show

mr who’s on vacation
is the best, wish that
i knew his real name

birds are arriving
they love to listen to him
gay tweeting along

“just a gigilo”
“i ain’t got nobody
nobody cares for me”

actually the birds
really didn’t care for that
so they flew away

“you’re once twice
three times a birdie to me”
three just landed right in front

while you were writing
had no idea where you were
going with that one

then they helped us out
saw you were writing about them
so they came back


” just a gigilo
just rock to the melody
please remember me ”