sea above sea

light blue atop white
perfectly symmetrical
cotton clouds swimming

ocean in the sky
almost covering puffy clouds
above ocean

a nickel each time
asking is this jacuzzi
or baby pool

saying it’s warmer
sitting in the baby pool
seven adults

far enough away
you can hear the ocean
chirpy little palm birds

happily dancing
haiku waves reminding
seventeen syllables

Whocouldknowthen once
saying ” what isn’t a haiku
to you errin”

and Jeff “didn’t
understand comment it wasn’t
in form of haiku”

man who stopped
to pick me up noticed
i was having trouble breathing

he has a good eye
usually unperceptive
“you look wonderful”

roger over and
out, briefs “there are plenty
of first responders here”

look like a tourist
thought i was on vacation

seems like a good time
to see if mr. mullet
is catching any

for some reason
he has september and october
mixed up this year

not catching fish chat
“the preacher man was looking
for you and missed you”

conversion by the sea
and ye shall go to heaven
in a humvee