house of blues

finding audience
mission if you so choose this
don’t stop believin’

twenty free tickets
a tribute to journey
d j handing over

only just arrived
show starts at seven thirty
three thirty p m

finally find four
characters swimming indoors
quite remarkable

drinking in laughter
they already had tickets
flying fisherman

floating in the pool
little girl asks sweetly
would you like to play ball

mother yells hey
that’s the lady who tried to give
us tickets last night

father enjoying
saying even the twenty
year olds were singing

they’re laughing at me
because i didn’t realize
live across the street

this would not be
a journey to go see journey
closer than you think

“just a small town girl
livin’ in a lonely world
took the midnight train”

Don’t Stop Believin”


6 thoughts on “house of blues

  1. Guess what? I have never reblogged anyone’s posts, but accidentally was writing a comment on your Castle poem/haiku and voila! Accidentally pushed ‘reblog’ instead of ‘post!’ Hope you don’t mind but can ‘take it down’ and off my blog. I didn’t mean to do this. I don’t know if my eyes are just tired or if the computer at the library is too sensitive and it actually did it on its own? I know how to edit it out, I think…

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