secret service ducks two & shark on thirteenth

coming down the hill
hungry ducks meet you half way
reaching salt water

a little patience
not a fan of silly one
firmly poking shin

yellow beak knocking
three times not on the ceiling
pointing stay no no

understanding words
certain this isn’t the first time
he has heard no

long blond hair cowgirl
her husband hello on by
ten minutes later

they have great tans
before catching up they ask
will you come and join us

in the shade
a man is playing his guitar
starting to hum a song

legs dangling over
inspiring table
where thoughts usually sit

from the thirteenth floor
they saw a hammerhead shark
arms can’t stretch that wide

enjoy seeing whale
lift it’s tail to say hello
not too much of him

pierre and his gang
they know how to close a door
shut and lock tightly

when a car backfires
they assume this a gun
shut, surround and protect


I’ll Meet You Halfway

“that’s better than no way
there must be someway
to get it together”

Partridge Family


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